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In its simplest form, the choose from list command takes a single parameter: the list you want the user to choose items from. When the user clicks OK, the result is always a list. The following is an example of the simplest use of the choose from list command. Figure 12-21 shows the dialog box that the following script line produces: choose from list {"a", "b", "c"}
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$pshome/profile.ps1 This will execute for all users of the computer, no matter which host they re using (remember that $pshome is predefined within PowerShell and contains the path of the PowerShell installation folder). $pshome/Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 This will execute for all users of the computer if they re using the console host. If they re using the PowerShell ISE, the $pshome/Microsoft.PowerShellISE_profile.ps1 script will be executed instead. $home/Documents/WindowsPowerShell/profile.ps1 This will execute only for the current user (because it lives under the user s home directory), no matter which host they re using. $home/Documents/WindowsPowerShell/Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1 This will execute for the current user if they re using the console host. If they re using the PowerShell ISE, the $home/Documents/WindowsPowerShell/Microsoft.PowerShellISE_profile.ps1 script will be executed instead.
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Regular Expressions
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atos -o MyApp.app/MyApp -arch armv6 -f stackAddresses.txt
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Active Directory
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In the mid-1990s, seeing the potential of the web, Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark formed Mosaic Communications Corporation (later to become Netscape). When excitement around the web grew, it eventually caught the roving (Sauron-like) eye of Microsoft, who then entered with their own web browser, Internet Explorer. The increasingly tense competition resulted in a number of design decisions that would simultaneously advance and drag down web development for years. The first casualty was the erratic and uncontrolled expansion of HTML. To gain favor, Netscape and Microsoft both added tags to HTML that would describe, not only what a given block of text was for, but also how to format the text. The most egregious, shark-jumping example of these additions would have to be Netscape s inclusion of the <blink> tag. (And shame on you if you ever used it.) At the same time Netscape and Microsoft were battling it out, developers were piling onto the HTML bandwagon. In wild-west style, people were staking claims and figuring out what worked and using it, even if it only worked because of an accident or side effect of that week s browser release.
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Site Manager
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PS (5) > $m = $pat.match("11+2 * 35 -4")
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Create the where clause
Analysis and General Guidelines
Once you have a primitive type wrapped in an NSNumber, you can get it back out by using one of these instance methods:
Figure 7-26. Triangulating a user s position using assisted GPS
public class Photograph : IDisposable { . . . public void Dispose() { if (_bitmap != null && _bitmap != InvalidPhotoImage) { _bitmap.Dispose(); } _bitmap = null; } . . . }
Public Class ClassThreadStatic_Test <ThreadStatic()> Shared ThreadStatic_Data As String = "Initial" Private TheForm As FormTestThreadStatic Makes a variable Public Sub New(ByVal TheForm As FormTestThreadStatic) unique per thread Me.TheForm = TheForm End Sub Public Sub Test() Dim callback As New WaitCallback(AddressOf CallbackMethod) ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, "1") ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, "2") ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, "3") ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(callback, "4") End Sub Private Sub CallbackMethod(ByVal state As Object) Dim sLine As String sLine = "Before Assign ThreadStatic_Data = " sLine += ThreadStatic_Data + " " sLine += Thread.CurrentThread.GetHashCode().ToString() TheForm.AddFeedbackLine(sLine) ThreadStatic_Data = state Assigns the thread s copy Thread.Sleep(5000) of the ThreadStatic_Data sLine = "After Assign ThreadStatic_Data = "
Listing 3 Outputting error properties with system-provided functions
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