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Set up the Time dimension from the fact table.
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o far we ve been long on theory and short on code. Well, that s all about to change. In the next five chapters, we re going to build a real, working application in WPF a calculator. Granted, what you were looking for in your life was probably not another calculator implementation, but the calculator is good for covering the core concepts of WPF. Before we get to the calculator, in chapter 4, Working with layouts, we ll discuss ways of laying out WPF applications. Then, in chapter 5, The Grid panel, we ll The calculator demonstrates the basics of introduce the most powerful layout control WPF development. in WPF and use it to build the calculator. 6, Resources, styles, control templates, and themes, will demonstrate how you can use the style mechanisms of WPF to make the calculator a little prettier (although we ll pass through several phases of uglier on the way). In chapter 7, Events, we ll show the new event capabilities of WPF (such as bubble-up and tunnel-down events) that make the calculator more responsive. Finally, in chapter 8, Oooh, shiny! (our favorite chapter of the entire book), we ll demonstrate how to soup up the calculator by adding glass buttons that glow when you press them and some reflections and other effects.
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Console.WriteLine((string) name);
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CHAPTER 18: Email on Your iPhone
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Advanced Parallax Scrolling
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This table shows the enumerations defined in the Windows Forms namespace that are covered in the book. The complete list of Windows Forms enumerations is available in the .NET documentation. This table simply serves as a quick index to those that are represented in the text.
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Note It s tempting to think of the keywords in a method name as parameter names, but this is not technically
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Can you accomplish what you need within the subset of available functionality with standard rights Do you have control over your environment such that you can provide additional rights to users
Custom Code Generation
Classes in the Dictionary
And the last entry in frequency contains the most commonly used word. If you remember from chapter 3, we can use negative indexing to get the last element of the list.
Note Both the !! idiom and ! operator were covered in 3.
CHAPTER 1: Designing a Simple, Frenzic-Style Puzzle Game
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