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using System; using System.Data; using System.Data.SqlClient; using Microsoft.Synchronization.Data; using Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.Server; using System.Collections.ObjectModel; using System.IO; namespace WcfSyncService { public class Service : IService { static DbServerSyncProvider _serverSyncProvider; public Service(){ if (_serverSyncProvider == null) { CreateServerProvider(); } } private void CreateServerProvider() { SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection( @"server=Thinkpad;database=AdventureWorks2008; integrated security = true"); conn.Open(); _serverSyncProvider = new DbServerSyncProvider { Connection = conn }; SqlSyncAdapterBuilder builder = new SqlSyncAdapterBuilder { Connection = conn, SyncDirection = SyncDirection.Bidirectional, TableName = "SyncTable", CreationTrackingColumn = "CreationDate", UpdateTrackingColumn = "LastEditDate", DeletionTrackingColumn = "DeletionDate", TombstoneTableName= ("SyncTable_Tombstone")};
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But wait, you may say, what if the report needs other types of files, for example, an
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Reporting Services 2008 no longer needs IIS at least not to host the virtual directories. This makes it faster (as IIS does not add an additional layer). You ll still want to set up a certificate to be able to access your reports via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Running a production report without SSL is like mentioning your big sister s phone number on the local country-western radio station. Reporting Services 2008 has also changed the default virtual directory name used to reference the Report Manager and Report Server. For the two people in Cleveland that didn t set up SQL Server with a named instance, you can skip on down to the next tip. For the rest of you, when it comes time to address the Report Manager, or to deploy your Visual Studio BI Report Project, you ll discover the syntax shown in figure 12. Note that the deployment TargetServerURL name appends the instance name after reportserver with an underscore (_) instead of a dollar sign ($) which probably offended someone in the Ural Mountains and all IIS purists. Notice that this dialog box is still not sizeable so if the server name or instance name is a bit longer, you ll have to figure out how to squirrel around with the arrow keys to inspect the current setting. This also means that when it comes time to get to the Report Manager (and you ll want to), you ll need to use this URL: https://<system name>/Reports_<instance name>.
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Like other settings, the Contacts options are accessible via the Settings icon. Touch the Settings icon and scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and touch the tab. Scroll down and you ll see Contacts, with two options underneath. To change the sort order, touch the Sort Order tab and select whether you want your contacts sorted first by first name or last name.
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An application s scriptability consists of two realms: objects and commands. Commands are instructions you tell the application to do, and objects are the things that will change in the application after you give certain commands. For instance, Apple s TextEdit application includes a command named open. The open command is designed to open one or more text documents in the TextEdit application. When run successfully, one or more new objects of class document are created in the TextEdit application. Each document object possesses all the properties defined by the document class, and as you are aware, you can have any number of such objects. You ll look at objects, classes, and properties in the next section.
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Granted, it s not very interesting. Sorting an already sorted list by the same property yields you the same result. Let s do something a bit more interesting. Let s sort by name in descending order:
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All you have to do to let the iPhone OS know you can handle a certain URL scheme is to provide the information in the application s Info.plist file:
The server key syntax SERVER=
Listing 3-4. Attempting to Fool AVAudioPlayer // In the class's interface NSURLConnection *audioConnection; NSMutableData *audioData; AVAudioPlayer *audioPlayer; // In the class's implementation // See if we can feed NSURLConnection data into an AVAudioPlayer - (IBAction)playData:(id)sender { NSURL *url = // an HTTP URL pointing to an MP3 audioData = [[NSMutableData alloc] init]; audioConnection = [[NSURLConnection alloc] initWithRequest:[NSURLRequest requestWithURL:url] delegate:self]; } - (void)connection:(NSURLConnection *)connection didReceiveData:(NSData *)data { // Add the new data to the audioData object [audioData appendData:data]; if (audioPlayer == nil) { NSError *error = nil; // Attempt to create the player with the available data audioPlayer = [[AVAudioPlayer alloc] initWithData:audioData error:&error]; if ((audioPlayer == nil) || (error != nil)) { NSLog(@"Error creating player: %@", error); [audioPlayer release]; } else { [audioPlayer play]; } } }
CHAPTER 21: iPhone Photography
Step 4 Verify that Blogapps server is running. Start your favorite web browser, type the address http://localhost:8080/roller into the address bar, and hit Enter. You should see the web page shown in figure 2.1. Step 5 Shut down Blogapps server. When you have finished using the Blogapps server, you should shut it down properly. To do this, run the shutdown script the same way you ran the startup script. The Windows version of the shutdown script is called shutdown.bat and the UNIX version is called Now that we have a running blog server, we re ready to start developing our first blog application.
DataContext dataContext = new DataContext(liaConnectionString); dataContext.Log = Console.Out; var books = dataContext.GetTable<Book>(); var query = from book in books select new
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