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There are a couple of ways to change the wallpaper on the iPhone. The first way is very straightforward.
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"Zach Duke"; "Javier Lopez"; "Paul Maholm"; "Daniel McCutchen"; "Evan Meek"; "Charlie Morton"; "Ross Ohlendorf"; "Hayden Penn"; "Jack Taschner"; "Ryan Doumit"; "Jason Jaramillo"; "Ronny Cedeno"; "Jeff Clement"; "Bobby Crosby"; "Akinori Iwamura"; "Andy LaRoche"; "Ryan Church"; "Garrett Jones";
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Table D.2
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The order doesn t matter. Now all of the error records will appear inline with the output records in the file. This also works with assignment.
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Let s turn our attention now to the source, shown in listing 16.4.
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The responder chain is an ad hoc collection of objects, gathered on the fly when necessary during the life of an application, that can be queried to see if they implement a particular action. This lets certain actions be configured in a generic way, so that at runtime they will be invoked on the object that makes most sense at the time. The chain is arranged in order of specificity, starting with the object that is nearest to the action, and continuing along toward the most generic. Configuring an object to use the responder chain
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PS (4) > nadd @{a=1;b=2} "2" nadd : Cannot convert "System.Collections.Hashtable" to "System. Int32". At line:1 char:5 + nadd <<<< @{a=1;b=2} "2"
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Last step, then we should be done tilting the player sprite around. As I demonstrated in 3, you have to add the accelerometer method to the layer that receives accelerometer input. Here I use the acceleration.x parameter and add it to the player s position, multiplying by 10 is to speed up the player s movement.
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/www.microsoft.com/express/sql/download/ more info, see http:/ default.aspx. Setting up Reporting Services is an important step but we don t have enough room to devote a dozen pages to this process. Thankfully, it s easier than ever, so I don t anticipate that you ll have significant problems. In this example, I ll be using Visual Studio 2008 SP1 that includes the ability to create Reporting Services reports. Nope, without SP1, you won t be able to do so, as SP1 activates all of the Reporting Services BI functionality. In Visual Studio 2005 you could build, test, and deploy reports. However, you can t open Visual Studio 2005 BI report projects in Visual Studio 2008 without SP1. So follow along and I ll walk you through the process of creating your own report. Relax, it will be fun I promise.
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Listing 18.22 The Main class is virtually identical to that of listing 18.21 (C#).
Adding IBActions
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