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Understanding the architecture
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To create a new view in the Views collection, use the Add method. It has the following syntax: Set ViewObject = ViewsCollection.Add(ViewName) This method has one parameter, ViewName, a String. It contains the new View object s name. After you add a View object to the Views collection, set the view s properties. The Center, Target, and Direction properties determine the drawing s viewing angle. Table 14-1 describes these properties.
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@implementation Car @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize @synthesize ... name; engine; make; model; modelYear; numberOfDoors; mileage;
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There is a reference to a class in the previous code that I have not yet discussed by the name of DataManager. For now, all you need to know is that DataManager is the class that s responsible for proxying all the communication to the database and network.
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5.2.1 Parsing RSS 1.0
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A pointer to a specific class acts mostly like a Java object reference. The compiler assumes that the pointer refers to an object of that class, or a subclass of that class. It will warn you if you attempt to invoke methods that are not defined or inherited by that class. It will only allow you access to instance variables defined or inherited by that class. The pointer is implicitly compatible with a pointer to any of its superclasses, but not with a pointer to a subclass. The special object identifier type (id) is a non-specific object pointer (reference). It is not the equivalent of a pointer to a base class object, e.g. NSObject *obj (Object obj). The compiler assumes that a variable of type id could be any class. The compiler will permit you to invoke any method from any class that s been defined. An object identifier can be assigned to any kind of object pointer, or from any kind of object pointer, with no compiler warning. You cannot use an object identifier to directly access an object s instance variables. If you declared every object pointer as type id, programming would be similar to some scripting languages. The compiler would make no assumptions, allowing you to invoke any method and assign the pointer to any other object pointer variable without complaint. The appropriateness of those methods and assignments would be vetted at run time. At the other extreme, declaring every reference as a pointer to a specific class results in a programming experience similar to Java. The compiler will only allow method calls to those defined for the pointer s class, and inappropriate assignments will be flagged. The only significant difference is that
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This vertex type has now two sets of texture coordinates, one for each texture. That way, you can index them independently of each other.
invoking functions, implementing late-bound architecture, 467 470 is-a relationship, in inheritance, 2 IsGenericTypeDefinition property, 471 472 iteration statements, 107 do, 108 109 for, 109 foreach, 110 111 while, 107 108
Notice the word is changed back to what you originally typed.
> $function:foo
Notice how the throw statement is used in the initializer subexpression for $x. Now run the function first with a value to see whether it works properly
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