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At the same time, cocos2d gives you the flexibility to add your own OpenGL ES code at any time for any game object that needs it. And if you re thinking about adding some Cocoa Touch user interface elements, you ll appreciate knowing that these can be mixed in as well. And cocos2d doesn t just shield you from the Open GL ES intricacies; it also provides high-level abstraction of commonly performed tasks, some of which may require extensive knowledge of the iPhone SDK. But if you need more low-level access, cocos2d won t hold you back.
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Listing 7.8 shows how you could refactor the tests into a more maintainable state by introducing a shared factory method that creates a default instance of LogAnalyzer. Assuming all the tests were written to use this factory method, we could then add a call to Initialize() within that factory method instead of changing all the tests to call Initialize().
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It may not win any awards for best optimization ever it s only a very tiny improvement in performance. But every bit counts, and it does make the calculation easier to read by taking away complexity and putting a readable variable name in its place.
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Let s consider some of the undesirable things that may happen to a SQL Server instance at any point throughout the day: A SQL Server Agent job fails. A performance counter, for example, Batches/sec, approaches a critical level where performance is known to degrade. A critical error is raised and written to the SQL Server error log. Disk drives fill to capacity. Critical error messages appear in the Windows event log. As you can imagine, the above list is only a very small selection of all of the possible things that could go wrong, at any time of the day. The problem is magnified when you consider each of these things could occur on any number of the SQL Server instances being managed; consider a site with hundreds of SQL Server instances, which is not uncommon. The point to be made here is that in the absence of an alerting system that automatically detects a variety of events and alerts the appropriate people, the administration technique is either entirely reactive or very inefficient (most likely both). Fortunately, there are a number of proven techniques for automated monitoring and alerting for SQL Server. Without considering third-party products, the frequently used ones are System Center Operations Manager and SQL Server Agent. MICROSOFT SYSTEM CENTER OPERATIONS MANAGER Previously known (and commonly referred to) as Microsoft Operations Manager, or MOM, this product is frequently deployed in organizations with large amounts of server infrastructure under management. When deployed with the optional SQL Server Management Pack, MOM enables the automation of a number of proactive (and reactive) maintenance tasks, including the following: Regular connectivity checks to any number of SQL Server instances Disk and database space monitoring Monitoring and alerts for SQL Agent job failures (or those taking too long to complete) Replication and database-mirroring health checks Blocked process checks SQL Service status checks The strength of the MOM product offering is the ability to use it not only for SQL Server monitoring but for a wide variety of other Microsoft-based infrastructure features such as Exchange, IIS, BizTalk, and the Windows Server operating system. Thus, it s a widely used option for large Microsoft-centric enterprise environments. The scope of this book does not allow for coverage of SQL Server monitoring with MOM, so let s turn our attention to how we can use SQL Server Agent to achieve our monitoring and alerting goals.
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This section will provide the agent security levels that can run the main management pack with a low privilege account (e.g., not in Local System context). The core requirements that low privilege accounts require for Windows 2003 Servers are as follows: They must be members of the following groups: Local Users Local Performance Monitor Users They must have the following privileges: Access Windows event logs Manage auditing and security logs Log on locally On Windows 2000, the Action account has to be a member of the local Administrators group.
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Value object
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3D projection transforms, introduced in Silverlight 3, provide a way to do nonaffine (perspective and distortion) transforms on an object. The UI elements to which the
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An administrator uses Site Stager to convert dynamic sites into static HTML pages, including navigation links. Use Site Stager to create staging profiles, which contain the information required to stage the site: Unique name Root directory of staged site Channels to be staged Schedule for staging (duration between staging versions) Multiple sites can be staged from the same source server by creating a unique profile for each site. Staging maintains channel security. Site Stager will convert ASP-based sites, but will not stage ASP .NET-based sites. Site Stager will deploy content on any Web server. The MCMS Site Stager application must be installed on the source server and access must be granted to the target (staged) computer. 2 provides additional information about installing MCMS and granting access.
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while you are typing: it erases the last character typed.
them throughout the application, you ll want to store them in the singleton application settings or the data class of your own creation. In addition to the initialization parameters, you should consider the RootVisual. The RootVisual is the content that Silverlight will load into the root of the object tree. (For more on object trees, see chapter 2.) Typically, this is a master-page style application page. In the default Silverlight templates, it s MainPage. Once set, the RootVisual of the application can t be changed for the lifetime of the application. This may cause confusion because you may wonder how to switch pages in a Silverlight application. Think of the root visual in a complex multipage application more as a container for other content pages. We ll get to that when we discuss navigation in chapter 15. For now, know that when the Startup event has completed, the RootVisual will be loaded and rendered. At this point, a Silverlight application will be visible to your users, so let s begin discussing how to guard against unforeseen errors.
By keeping the reference counter nextInactiveBullet, each shot uses the spritebatched bullet from that index. Once all bullets have been shot once, the index is reset. This works fine as long as the number of bullets in the pool is always greater than the maximum number of bullets on the screen. The Bullet class s shoot method in Listing 6 10 only performs the necessary steps to reinitialize a bullet, including rescheduling its update selector. Most importantly, the Bullet is set to be visible again. Its position and velocity are also reset. The Bullet class s shoot method simply resets the relevant variables such as position and velocity,
Function IsInRole(ByVal roleName as String) As Boolean Dim myPrincipal As WindowsPrincipal = New WindowsPrincipal(WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent()) Return myPrincipal.IsInRole(roleName) End Function
Listing 7.20 An overspecified test that tests a purely internal behavior
CHAPTER 30 System.Array and the Collection Classes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 293
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