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Run isOdd.xcodeproj. You should see something like the console window shown in Figure 6-2, which shows a line for each number from 1 through 20. Each of the numbers will be described as either odd or even. Each of the multiples of 3 will have additional text describing them as such. Let s do a walkthrough of the code.
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The following guidelines are useful to programmers who are writing libraries that will be used by others.
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Statements Dim WSN As Integer Dim RW As ReaderWriterLock = New ReaderWriterLock() RW.AcquireReaderLock(Timeout.Infinite) WSN = RW.WriterSeqNum RW.ReleaseReaderLock() RW.AcquireWriterLock(Timeout.Infinite) RW.AcquireWriterLock(Timeout.Infinite) RW.ReleaseWriterLock() RW.ReleaseWriterLock() RW.AcquireReaderLock(Timeout.Infinite) WSN = RW.WriterSeqNum RW.ReleaseReaderLock() RW.AcquireWriterLock(Timeout.Infinite) RW.AcquireWriterLock(Timeout.Infinite) RW.ReleaseWriterLock() RW.ReleaseWriterLock()
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int index = dataSet.Length - numberForecastedPoints; Iterator it = requiredObservations.iterator(); while ( it.hasNext() ) { Populate the input array dataSet[index] = ((DataPoint); index++; } }
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LA Times, scaling issues 36 Lam, Chuck 146 LAMP stack 38, 54 latency 129 legacy application and private clouds 45 and the cloud 87 legacy system 63 Lightbody, Patrick 148 Limelight 175 LinkedIn, I/O as bottleneck 106 Linux 201 and implementing a private cloud 90 Eli Lilly use of 70 guest OS 83 Lisp, map and reduce functions 141 ListDomains 34 Litmus 166 LiveJournal, and sharding 113 load testing 7, 156, 162 165 and Pylot 65 browser-based, cloud-based 164 165 cloud-based, cost 163 script, typical 164 traditional 162 load-balancer 53 load-balancing 103 and cloudbursting 117 and redundancy 140 Flickr 115 LoadRunner 7, 162 LoadStorm 163 lock-in, avoiding 46 loose coupling 133 135 and sharding 111
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A chatbot that enables participants in an online chat to post messages to a blog using wiki syntax.
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A switch parameter if specified, the cmdlet will wait polling input until stopped
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// be available for new audio data. NSCondition *queuedCondition = (NSCondition *)currentBufferData->queuedCondition; [queuedCondition lock]; currentBufferData->inUse = NO; // Reset the packet and byte count on the buffer. currentBufferData->packetCount = currentBufferData->bytesFilled = 0; // Signal the condition in case enqueueCurrentBuffer // is waiting on it. [queuedCondition signal]; [queuedCondition unlock]; } }
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Casting to an int will remove the fractional part. You can safely get rid of the fractional part because it s simply not relevant actually it s harmful. If you didn t cast away the fractional part but used the noninteger coordinate, in this example 10.625, to try to retrieve the tile at a tile coordinate 10.625, you d receive a runtime error because there is only a tile at x coordinates 10 and 11, not at 10.625.
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If the client computer was purchased in the last five years, it s more than likely that the workstation meets the requirements for delegation. After meeting the AD requirements in the previous section, make sure the following points are addressed on the client side.
You may find it easier to debug your application using a SQLite administration application to browse your database and test SQL queries. While developing Routesy, I used SQLite Database Manager (http://, an open source freeware utility.
Private components
To change your Google ID or password, click the Configure button next to the Sync Contacts with option you saw at the top of this section. Yahoo! Address Book Sync: If you select Yahoo! Contacts, you'll be prompted to enter your Yahoo! ID and password, as shown in Figure 3 5.
How many joins are required to express this in SQL Even if you get the answer right, we bet it takes you more than a few seconds. The answer is three; the generated SQL looks something like this:
Listing 1.12 Hello LINQ to XML in VB.NET (HelloLinqToXml.vbproj)
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