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more coverage on using GPOs. Look for the How to enable remoting in an enterprise and How to enable listeners by using a Group Policy sections within that help topic. WinRM v2 (which is what PowerShell uses) defaults to using TCP port 5985 for HTTP and 5986 for HTTPS. Those ports help to ensure it won t conflict with any locally installed web servers, which tend to listen to 80 and 443 instead. You can configure WinRM to use alternative ports, but I don t recommend doing so. If you leave those ports alone, all of PowerShell s remoting commands will run normally. If you change the ports, you ll have to always specify an alternative port when you run a remoting command, which just means more typing for you. If you absolutely must change the port, you can do so by running this command:
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Objective-C has no class variables. You can simulate them by using file-scoped global variables and providing accessors for them. An example class declaration might look like this (other stuff, like declarations for instance variables and method declarations, is included):
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Understanding isolation levels is essential. Because a good description of isolation levels would be substantially bigger than this chapter, it s beyond the scope of this discussion. I encourage you to read about isola/msdn.microtion levels in Books Online or on the MSDN web site: http:/
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Tap to View Music, Videos, Ringtones, Search and More.
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SQL Server 2008 Aggregation Usage designer
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public class AuthGet { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { if (args.length < 3) { System.out.println ("USAGE: authget <username> <password> <url>"); System.exit(-1); } String credentials = args[0] + ":" + args[1]; String url = args[2];
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tell application "BBEdit 6.5" activate open {file "Macintosh HD:Users:omalley:shuttle:junk.txt"} end tell
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The Mac clipboard is a clever piece of software; it s simple to use but surprisingly sophisticated beneath the surface. When a user copies some data from an application, the clipboard has no idea what kind of application the user is going to paste that data into next. To provide as much flexibility as possible when copying and pasting between applications, the clipboard doesn t just get the data in the native format used by that application; it gets it in as many different formats as the application can provide. This gives the clipboard a sort of backup plan when pasting the data into other applications. Less sophisticated formats may not contain as much of the original data as the native format, but they are likely to be understood by a greater number of applications and something is better than nothing. For example, when you copy text from a rich-text document in TextEdit, the Mac clipboard obtains this text in as many formats as it can, from the basic (string) to the richest (RTF).
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Characterizing I/O workload
Many projects have sensitive intellectual property that shouldn t be exposed, but which designing for testability would force to be exposed: security or licensing information, or perhaps algorithms under patent. There are workarounds for this keeping things internal and using the [InternalsVisibleTo] attribute but they essentially defy the whole notion of testability in the design. You re changing the design but still keeping the logic hidden. Big deal.
The offset command takes two strings as parameters. It returns the position of the first string in the second string or 0 if the first string isn t found: offset of "far" in "how far is it" --> 5 The string "far" starts at the fifth character of the string "how far is it".
You will probably notice that we built this diagram upon the report parameter schema (not shown here) that we discussed back in chapter 10. Table 13.1 explains the role of the new tables.
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