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If you have playlists of TV shows, you can select those for inclusion by checking the boxes in the bottom section of the screen. When you are done choosing individual TV shows, click the Apply button to save your settings and start the sync.
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<class name="Item" table="ITEM" select-before-update="true"> ... </class>
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PS (48) > 1..3 | %{ "This is file $_" | >> set-content -encoding ascii file$_.txt } >>
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The Menu class is the base class for all menus in the .NET Framework. This abstract class is part of the System.Windows.Forms namespace, and inherits from the System.ComponentModel.Component class. Handle Gets the window handle for the menu. Used as a back door to special operations not supported by the framework. Gets whether this menu contains any MenuItem objects. Gets the MenuItem, if any, that will display the list of MDI child forms currently open in the application. Gets the MenuItemCollection object that holds the list of MenuItem objects attached to this menu, or null if no items are attached. Returns the ContextMenu object that contains this menu, or null. Returns the MainMenu object that contains this menu, or null. Merges a given Menu object into the current menu. Occurs when the component is disposed, such as when the Dispose method is called for the component.
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In some legacy databases, a many-to-one association may point to a nonexistent entity. The property not-found lets you define how NHibernate should react to this situation:
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Defining table region groups
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When you are done choosing your photos to sync, click the Apply button to save your settings and start the sync. When the sync starts, you'll see the status in the middle-top status window in iTunes.
Once you ve deployed an application and its database for the first time, you re challenged with rolling out future changes as new versions of your software are released. This is often difficult when working with databases because you need to determine how to safely roll out all the schema changes made during development without losing data (or too much sleep). How do you know which database changes were made during development And how can you safely apply these to live databases
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