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Design patterns and testability
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And there it is: InternetExplorer.Application.1. As described previously, the program is InternetExplorer and the component in this case is the actual Internet Explorer application. We can use this same pattern to find the automation interfaces for other applications. Let s look for Microsoft Word.
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Listing 7-3. Setting Up the Station List Table Cell Text
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predicate = [NSPredicate predicateWithFormat: @"SELF IN { 'Herbie', 'Snugs', 'Badger', 'Flap' }"];
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If you don t specify a variable s data type using the As keyword, as the following example shows, Visual Basic makes it a Variant data type: Dim Variable Although you can create variables this way, you should instead assign a data type to every variable you create. This makes your code more readable and removes ambiguity about what your intentions are in your application. Dim InsertionPoint As Variant Dim Counter As Integer VBA provides a number of data types. Each data type has a specific purpose that you should consider when you choose which one to use. Table 2-3 explains VBA s data types.
One common use of hyperlinks is to navigate the user to a URL address. Using hyperlinks to send e-mail The Territory Sales Drillthrough report (shown in figure 5.17) demonstrates how you can incorporate navigation capabilities in your reports with hyperlinks. Now the report displays the salesperson s name as a hyperlink, so the user can conveniently click it to send the salesperson an e-mail message. You can define hyperlinks for textbox and image report items from the Navigation tab of the item s Advanced Properties dialog, as shown in figure 5.18. In this case, we defined the following expression for the Jump to URL hyperlink action property:
Lights, Camera Actions! (and Outlets, Too)
Employee: Employee
Power Wrap-Up
Of course, NHibernate doesn t have to update the database row of every persistent object in memory at the end of the transaction. Saving objects that haven t changed would be time consuming and unnecessary. ORM software must have a strategy for detecting which persistent objects have been modified by the application in the transaction. We call this automatic dirty checking (an object with modifications that haven t yet been propagated to the database is considered dirty). Again, this state isn t visible to the application. We call this feature transparent transaction-level write-behind, meaning that NHibernate propagates state changes to the database as late as possible but hides this detail from the application. NHibernate can detect exactly which attributes have been modified, so it s possible to include only the columns that need updating in the SQL UPDATE statement. This may bring performance gains, particularly with certain databases. But it isn t usually a significant difference; and, in theory, it could harm performance in some environments. So, by default, NHibernate includes all columns in the SQL UPDATE statement. NHibernate can generate and cache this basic SQL once at startup, rather than on the fly each time an object is saved. If you only want to update modified columns, you can enable dynamic SQL generation by setting dynamic-update="true" in a class mapping. Note that this feature is extremely difficult and time consuming to implement in a hand-coded persistence layer. We talk about NHibernate s transaction semantics and the synchronization process, or flushing, in more detail in the next chapter. Finally, you can make a persistent instance transient via a Delete() call to the persistence manager API, resulting in the deletion of the corresponding row of the database table.
If you want to make that date and time information part of a normal table, you can use Select-Object or Format-Table to create custom, calculated columns and properties:
log shipping, clustering, database mirroring, and other technologies. Because of the specialized knowledge required for high availability techniques, many DBAs choose this as their main area of focus.
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