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Exploring Instance Variables
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Building a basic custom web part
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AppleScript supports the following math operators: +, , *, /, ^, div, and mod: set set set set set new_number new_number new_number new_number new_number to to to to to 5 + 12 --> 17 9 3 --> 6 10 * 4 --> 40 12 / 4 --> 3.0 3 ^ 2 --> 9.0 (3 to the power of 2, or three squared)
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reusing utility and factory methods. running the same set of tests over different classes. (We ll look at this one in more detail.) using common setup or teardown code (also useful for integration testing). creating testing guidance for programmers who will derive from the base class.
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When is an unused index not an unused index
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In this chapter we created an external library that applications everywhere can use when a photo album is required. We implemented a Photograph class to encapsulate a photographic image, and a PhotoAlbum class to encapsulate a collection of Photograph objects. Along the way we examined interfaces, .NET collection classes, custom bitmap creation, internals of the Object class, and the IDisposable interface. The MyPhotoAlbum.dll library is ready for use in our MyPhotos application. Integrating this library into our application is the topic of our next chapter. This will allow us to support multiple images in our application, and set the stage for future changes to come.
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Editions and features
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ne of the most appealing features of Reporting Services is that it can be easily extended by writing custom add-ons in the form of extensions. Part 4 discusses the implementation details of three custom extensions that you can use to extend the RS features. You ll learn how to author a dataset data extension to report off ADO.NET datasets. You ll also see how to distribute reports to Web services by means of a custom delivery extension. In addition, we ll show you how to replace the RS Windows-based security model with a custom security extension. Aside from being feature-rich, your reporting solutions must also perform and scale well under increased user loads. To ensure that these objectives are met, you need to know how to evaluate the Report Server performance and capacity before going live in a production environment. In this part, you ll learn how to establish performance goals, how to create test scripts with the Application Center Test, and how to stressload your Report Server installation.
There s a sample program in the Learn C Projects folder, inside a subfolder named 09.04 paramAddress, that should help show the difference between passing the address of a struct and passing a copy of the struct. Open and run paramAddress.xcodeproj.
Sometimes, you may want to organize your e-mail for easy retrieval later. For example, you might receive an e-mail about an upcoming trip and want to move it to the Travel folder. Sometimes you receive e-mails that require attention later, in which case you can move them to the Requires Attention folder. This can help you remember to work on it later.
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