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Figure 9-3. structSize shows the size of a DVDInfo struct.
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Uses the ReportBrowser form
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or Comodo. Once you sign the .xap, you ll get a much friendlier dialog, as seen in figure 5.14. Users are much more likely to install an application with the friendlier dialog and your publisher information than with the yellow-bannered unverified source shown in figure 5.13. For testing purposes, you can self-sign your .xap using a test certificate. Visual Studio, via the options on the Signing tab for the Silverlight project, will generate the test cert for you. You ll then need to add the certificate to your own store in the Trusted Certificate Root. Anyone else who s going to test the application will also need to install the certificate. The fewer people with your test cert, the better, so be sure to get a real certificate early in the process. Once you have a certificate, you can use it in Visual Studio 2010 to sign your .xap. This is accomplished via the Signing tab in the project properties window for the Silverlight application. Figure 5.15 shows a .xap file signed by my own test certificate.
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pos.x = (int)(pos.x / tileMap.tileSize.width);
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Figure 15.21 To request a report, the customer has to be authenticated by the application.
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This query calculates the total of all the successful Bids:
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SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Web Parts
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Listing 3-11. Using the ElementsBeforeThis and ElementsAfterThis Methods
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Figure 8.5 Displaying process names in a wide list
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Stepping Through the wordCount Source Code
Figure 14.2 When measuring the application s throughput, you must find at what point its graph peaks.
This now guarantees that a child form will pick up the global PixelDlg form as needed. Of course, this change also causes the dialog to be created even when it is not used. Such a change might not be appropriate in a large application with multiple utility forms such as our pixel dialog. For our purposes, it is okay. Compile and run the program to verify that our new code works. Also realize that these changes are consistent with our non-MDI application. When a single MainForm instance is present, it will now use the global PixelDlg instance to create the dialog, and all code will work as we originally intended in chapter 8. You can test this by modifying the MyPhotos project settings to use the MainForm.Main method as the entry point. The PixelDlg form is now integrated into our MDI application. The next task is to ensure that we do not open multiple windows for the same album file. 16.4.3 OPENING AN ALBUM TWICE In our current code for the Open menu, the user selects an album and a new child window is created to contain this album. This is fine as long as the selected album has not been previously opened by the user. In the case where a MainForm window already exists for the selected album, it would be more appropriate to simply display the existing window at the top of the z-order. This can be done by searching through the list of child windows for one that displays the selected album. The MdiChildren property in the Form class retrieves the collection of child forms assigned to an MDI container form. This property can be treated like any other array to search for a matching form. This property is useful whenever a specific form is desired, as we do here. It can also be used to see if any child forms are present in an MDI application and to obtain the number of MDI child forms, although checking the ActiveMdiChild property is typically a more efficient mechanism for the former task. 551
Building a navigation application
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