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Much as is the case with animation, the subtle and appropriate use of effects can make the difference between a UI that just sits there and one that really pops, drawing your eye to information that s important to you. Effects in Silverlight come in two primary forms: built-in effects, implemented in the native Silverlight hardware-accelerated runtime code; and pixel shaders, implemented by folks like us using a combination of managed code and High Level Shader Language (HLSL) and run in software. The former allows for maximum performance for common effects such as blur and shadows. The latter provides a lot of flexibility to allow us to provide our own effects, while not breaking out of the sandbox. In this section, we ll cover both types of effects. We ll start with how to use the built-in effects and follow that up with a primer on creating your own pixel shader effects.
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public void Open(string fileName) { . . . switch (version) { case 66: case 83: { string name; do { name = sr.ReadLine(); if (name != null) { Photograph p = new Photograph(name); if (version == 83) { // Also read the caption string p.Caption = sr.ReadLine(); } this.Add(p); } } while (name!= null); break; . . . }
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XAP step is what makes the decision between the old Silverlight 1.0 model and the current Silverlight 2+ model. That decision is based on a combination of the source (a .xaml or .xap file) and the specified type property of the plug-in. The dotted line between the JavaScript and the managed code event handlers is there because, though you typically wouldn t do it, you can have both JavaScript and managed handlers active for the load event of the application. The order in which they fire in relation to each other isn t guaranteed. Some additional parts of the process aren t displayed in figure 3.1 but are interesting nonetheless. For example, when the Silverlight plug-in determines it ll have a managed code .xap file to work with, it loads the Silverlight .NET CLR (CoreCLR) into the memory space of the browser.
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Once we ve added the stored procedures, we can configure the custom Insert, Update, and Delete methods. Click on the Author class in the Method pane and observe the Properties window. Entries for each of these custom procedure functions will appear. If we select the Update property, we can click on a button that opens the designer shown in figure 8.5. Alternatively, right-click the class in the designer and select Configure Behavior.
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The App Delegate Interface
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The problem with this approach is twofold; the data in the database is no longer transactionally consistent with the BLOB files, and database backups aren t guaranteed to be synchronized with the BLOBs (unless the database is shut down for the period of the backup, which isn t an option for any 24/7 system). So on one hand we have transactional consistency and strongly coupled data at the expense of increased database size and possible performance impacts. On the other hand, we have storage simplicity and good performance at the expense of transactional consistency and backup synchronization issues. Clearly, both options have significant advantages and disadvantages; DBAs and developers often passionately argue in favor of one option over another. Enter FileStream, King of the BLOBs
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Figure 3 5. Yahoo! Address Book sync login screen
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Figure 3 11. The Library window showing the Icons and Labels option
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Correlating different perspectives of the same event almost always leads to a deeper understanding of any situation. In SQL Server monitoring, one of the opportunities we have for doing that is importing Performance Monitor data into a Profiler trace, as shown in figure 14.14. After opening a saved Profiler trace file (or table), you can choose the File > Import Performance Data menu option to select a Performance Monitor log file to import. You can then select the appropriate counters from the log for inclusion.
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[WebMethod] public byte[] RenderReport(ReportRequest reportRequest) { string reportId = reportRequest.Report[0].ID; Retrieves the
Data Type
This code makes it pretty obvious that the image is being stored as a DrawingImage, but it doesn t have to be the resource could be the GeometryDrawing. But, that would mean you d have to wrap the GeometryDrawing, so it s pretty common to go the DrawingImage route. This isn t a major problem, even if you want to use the Geometry in another way. For example, this is how we used the magnifying glass as a brush in figure 14.15:
expecting to be run in a specific order or expecting information from other test results Hidden test call Tests calling other tests Shared-state corruption Tests sharing in-memory state without rolling back External-shared-state corruption Integration tests with shared resources and no rollback
The ASCII Character Set
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