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navigation (continued) custom controls 403 408 fragments. See hashtags hashtags 384 history 383 386 navigation application 386 Navigation Application template 386 392 out-of-browser 403 408 to pages 392 402 Navigation Application template 386 392 NavigationCacheMode property 399 NavigationContext property 398 NavigationFailed event 396 NavigationService class 393 396 events 395 functions 394 properties 394 NavigationStopped event 396 nesting layout panels 177 nesting objects 22 .NET Framework 129, 580 colors 525 .NET Framework 3.0 WCF 366 Netflix install page 722 Netscape 58 NetTcp protocol 349 NetworkAddressChanged event 106 NetworkCredential constructor 358 NetworkInformation namespace 107 networking client HTTP stack 355 360 stack 7 networks cross-domain access 336 340 NewItemTemplate property 301 NewValue property 256 None stretch option 633 Normal font stretch constant 209 Normal font style 210 Normal font weight constant 209 Normal visual state 692, 696 normals 150 notification toast 108 109 NotificationWindow class 108
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Elevated trust also eliminates the Press ESC to exit full-screen mode prompt that s displayed when the full-screen mode is first entered. At the same time, it eliminates the use of the Escape key for this purpose altogether. You ll need to provide the user with another way to exit the full-screen mode either by capturing the Escape key and/ or providing a button to drop out of full screen. The keyboard restrictions on the partial-trust full-screen mode make it suitable for only a small class of applications. The full-screen mode in the elevated trust also provides access to all the keys you get in the normal out-of-browser mode. This is a huge boon that makes the mode acceptable for kiosks, full-screen games, interactive media players with chat, and many other application types. The full-screen mode works whether running in or out of the browser, in partial trust or elevated trust. Once in the full-screen mode, you can simulate an entire desktop, provide your own window management, and so forth. It effectively gives you a work space that s larger than what we d traditionally consider a window. So far, we ve covered a number of different ways Silverlight can integrate with the local machine. One final area of local machine integration, available both in and out of the browser, is isolated storage.
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CHAPTER 13: Playing Music
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Expand the current message format to allow for different shapes and different sizes. Add a disconnection message so that disconnected spheres can be removed immediately instead of waiting for a time-out. Make updates more efficient by sending only position, not color, data. Send the color separately, in a one-time introduction message. Don t forget to make the protocol detect the introduction and resend it if it gets lost in transit!
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As an exercise in using some of the methods available to TextBox controls, see if you can create the standard context menu for text boxes manually and assign it to the Notes control. You will need to add a ContextMenu object to the form and assign it to the txtNotes.ContextMenu property. Assigning this property automatically disables the default context menu. Add the eight menu items to the menu, namely Undo, a separator, Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete, another separator, and Select All. To make your menu different than the standard one, also add a Clear menu item at the end of the context menu to clear the text in the box. To process this menu, you will need a Popup event handler for the menu itself to enable or disable the menu items as appropriate. You will need to use the CanUndo, SelectedText, SelectionLength, and SelectionStart properties, and the Copy, Cut, Paste, SelectAll, and Undo methods as part of your implementation. If you run into difficulties, visit the book s web site and download the code required for this change.
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Get-Service -computerName (Get-ADComputer -filter * -searchBase "ou=domain controllers,dc=company,dc=pri")
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You can only have one Encryption Key Server, where the encryption key is gener-
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ple, or a proxy. You may also, in similar rare cases, check the current state of a property by calling NHibernateUtil.IsInitialized(). (Note that Initialize() doesn t cascade to any associated objects.) Another solution for this problem is to keep the session open until the application thread finishes, so you can navigate the object graph whenever you like and have NHibernate automatically initialize all lazy references. This is a problem of application design and transaction demarcation; we discuss it again in section 9.1. But your first choice should be to fetch the complete required graph, using HQL or criteria queries,
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Here we try it out:
TweetDeck gives you a very clean home screen. You see the tweets from those you are following along the bottom left section of the screen under the All Friends label. Usually, to the right are the Mentions, which are responses to your Tweets almost like a text message conversation. The controls for TweetDeck are in the upper right-hand corner. There are five icons available to you. See Figure 22 8.
Modeling the sales order
Property dependencies If you re creating advanced Editor Parts, you might need to create one that adapts to the selections that the user is making. You can use standard ASP.NET postbacks to make the Editor Part react to the user s actions. Suppose you want to add caching to the RSS Web Part. Wouldn t it be great to have the caching and cache time configurable Just add two properties to the Web Part: one indicating if caching is on and another specifying the time to cache the data:
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