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Figure 7 12. The Debugger ribbon menu in the code editor
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The iPhone 4 as a PDF Reader
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Common .NET namespaces (continued) Functional area of contained classes Active Directory access using service providers such as LDAP and NDS Windows GDI+ graphics types Culture-related types embracing language, string sort order, country/region, calendar, date, currency and number formats Reading and writing of streams and files Sending, receiving, and managing queued messages (MSMQ) Simple API for network protocols such as DNS and HTTP API for TCP/UDP sockets Access to loaded types and their members Metadata/IL emission and PE file generation Creation and management of culture-specific application resources Accessing COM objects and native APIs Creation and configuration of distributed objects Managing remoting channels and channel sinks HTTP (SOAP) channel management TCP (binary) channel management Managing the lifetime of remote objects Accessing the underlying CLR security system Controlling access to operations and resources based on policy Code groups, membership conditions, and evidence, which define the rules applied by the CLR security policy system Identity/Principal classes, interfaces, and enumerations used in role-based security Windows service installation and execution Text encoding and conversion for ASCII, Unicode, UTF-7 and UTF-8 , Access to the built-in regular expression engine Classes and interfaces for multithreaded programming Timer component for raising events at specified intervals Browser/server communication including commonly used ASP .NET classes such as HttpApplication, HttpRequest, and HttpResponse ASP .NET configuration classes and enumerations continued on next page
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Executable text area Holds the full path to the program you wish to debug. Browse button Locates the program (you can also enter the program name by hand). Arguments text field Contains any command-line arguments for the program you will debug. Launch button Runs the program. Once you run the program, this becomes a Stop button, which you use to exit the program.
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This is a complex function, so it s worthwhile to take it one piece at a time. We start with the basic function declaration, where it takes an optional argument that names a file. Next we ll create the settings object B we need to pass in when we create the XML reader object. We also need to resolve the path to the document, because the
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Listing 20.13 C# code for capturing the still images
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The birth of RSS
TIP: In all three programs, pictures can be rotated just by touching and holding two fingers on the picture and rotating your fingers very cool!
The need for object initializers
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