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One of the AppleScript improvements that came with Mac OS X is the faceless background application known as System Events. System Events is a scriptable application that provides an alternative to some of the Finder s file system scripting capabilities. The idea behind the introduction of System Events was to allow scripters to manipulate the file system including files, folders, and so on, without having to use the Finder. On Mac OS 7, 8, and 9 you could always count on the Finder being available, which is not always the case with OS X. For example, some Mac users may prefer to disable the Finder and use a third-party file manager such as Cocoatech s Path Finder instead. This can be a problem for scripts that rely on the Finder for manipulating the file system; fortunately, the System Events application is always available, so you can use that instead. While the System Events scripting responsibilities grow, the Finder still holds on to a few exclusive scripting features. For instance, System Events doesn t have access to Finder windows and icon positions, for obvious reasons.
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bytesToSkip = (long)((number-1) * kDinoRecordSize); if ( fseek( fp, bytesToSkip, SEEK_SET ) != 0 ) DoError( "Couldn't seek in file...Goodbye!" );
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[Test] public void IsValid_LengthBiggerThan8_IsFalse() { LogAnalyzer logan = GetNewAnalyzer(); bool valid = logan.IsValid("123456789"); Assert.IsFalse(valid); }
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14.3.1 Manually creating the client stack
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Once you ve written a comparison, where do you use it Well, using the comparison language I just outlined, you can use it with the -filter parameter of some cmdlets, perhaps most notably the ActiveDirectory module s Get- cmdlets. You can also use it with the shell s generic filtering cmdlet, Where-Object. For example, want to get rid of all but the running services
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Figure 5-5. You ve been warned.
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Once you ve followed this process, you ll be able to successfully search your business data. There s still a lot more you could do by customizing the Search Results pages and manipulating the Search API.
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Saving Data to the iPhone Application Sandbox
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private bool _disposing = false; public void Dispose() { if (!_disposing) { _disposing = true; foreach (Photograph photo in this) { photo.Dispose(); } Clear(); } }
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Listing A.2 The Person class
CHAPTER 14: Advanced Drawing Topics
1. Browse to inetpub\. 2. Select the wwwroot folder. Right-click on the folder and then click Properties. 3. In the wwwroot Properties dialog box, select the Security tab and click Add. 4. Select Locations and then Local Computer in the Select Users or Groups dialog box. Verify the selection. 5. In the text box, enter aspnet, and click Check Names. 6. Verify the changes. 7. The ASP.NET account has the following permissions in the Permissions for ASP.NET Machine Account: Read and Execute List Folder Contents Read 8. Save changes.
Despite these limitations, expressions are still powerful tools within the SSIS data flow. Two data flow components the Derived Column transformation and the Conditional Split transformation both have expressions at their core. The Derived Column allows developers to add new columns to the data flow pipeline, with those columns values based on expressions set in the Transformation Editor. When working with data sources that do not allow calculations to be performed in the source query, such as text files, this ability is crucial to transforming the data before loading it into the destination database. The Conditional Split transformation allows developers to specify a set of Boolean expressions which are applied to each row passing through the data flow pipeline; it also allows developers to redirect rows to different transformation outputs based on these expressions, so that different processing can be applied to different rows. Figure 7 shows an example of the Conditional Split transformation at work, splitting data flow records into two outputs one for new orders placed within the last 30 days, and one for old orders. In addition to the expression-based functionality provided by the Conditional Split and Derived Column transformations, there are other, less obvious, opportunities to use expressions to add dynamic behavior to the SSIS data flow. But unlike the control flow where such opportunities are typically found with the label Expression, in the data flow these opportunities are usually found under the label Variable.
Table 1
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