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Credentials Only ever used for SSO (Single Sign-On). WindowsCredentials Same as above.
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possible, as there are some tables where a key that has full meaning can t be created, such as a table that logs events that have occurred, where multiple events of the same type could occur at the same instance. For logging situations, adding a sequence number is an acceptable trade-off, though that shouldn t be the only value in the key. As an example, if you had a customer table with an identity value customerId for a surrogate key (the name given a key that s generated without regard to any meaningful data to stand in for a more complex key value) and a customerNumber, which the user enters, the table would be defined as the following:
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Next, we want to make a new field: NSArray* names. This array will hold the food names for this table view controller. This array functions very much the same as the categories array from the RootViewController. However, we need to make the names array visible to other classes so that the RootViewController can pass the data the FoodTableViewController needs. To do this, we create a property with the line @property(nonatomic, retain) NSArray* names. This allows us to call setNames: on an instance of this class. We will also create a convenience constructor named foodTableViewControllerWithFoodNames. What in the world is a convenience constructor ! Why would we bother making one Well, a convenience constructor creates an object, usually taking some initialization parameters, and does the work of memory management for us. This means that calling the convenience constructor does not require us to release the object when we are done using it. So not only can we create an object with defined starting data, but we also don t have to worry about tracking its lifetime to avoid memory leaks. Additionally, convenience constructors are really easy to make! NOTE: See Digging the Code to learn more about memory management. You may remember from 4 that the plus sign, +, in front of the convenience constructor makes that method a class method. If not, just remember that this means we can simply ask the class to create a new instance for us instead of having to alloc and init the object ourselves.
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In the .NET CLR, it s possible to load an assembly from disk and to create instances of classes from that assembly. To demonstrate this, this chapter shows how to build a simple logging facility that can be extended by the customer at runtime to send informational messages elsewhere. The first step is to define the standard part of the facility: // file=LogDriver.cs // compile with: csc /target:library LogDriver.cs using System; using System.Collections; public interface ILogger { void Log(string message); } public class LogDriver { ArrayList loggers = new ArrayList(); public LogDriver() { }
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On the bottom of the Safari settings screen, you can see the Clear History, Clear Cookies, and Clear Cache buttons. If you notice your web browsing getting sluggish, it s probably a good time to clear out all three of these by tapping them and confirming your choices.
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The Macintosh was separated from other personal computers of the day by its uncomplicated graphical user interface (GUI) and ease of use. The designers of the Macintosh accomplished this differentiation by using real-world metaphors for user interface elements, direct feedback for user actions, and a consistent user interface shared between and among applications. A central theme of the Macintosh is that the user is in charge of the computer, not the other way around; the system should always respond to the user s needs and actions. These design principles have spawned a user community that is vehemently loyal to the Macintosh and expects its applications to behave in a consistent manner. From a user s point of view, the Macintosh has always been an elegant system that is simple to use and easy to understand. This is no accident: Macintosh developers have a highly acute sense of computer-user interaction and user interface design, and take great pride in producing software that respects the way people work and use their computers. Macintosh programmers are as concerned about user interfaces issues as program features or the computational aspects of a program. If users love Macintoshes for their elegance and simplicity, programmers love them because they are uncomplicated, well designed, and great deal of fun to program.
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