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Integrating with the desktop
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.assembly extern mscorlib {} .assembly 'skel' {} .module 'skel.exe'
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Setting Your Time Zone
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Since a , b , and c are valid hex digits, the string 0xabc converts into the number 2748 and is then added to 2, giving 2750. The next PowerShell-defined polymorphic behavior for + involves arrays or collections. If the operand on the left is an array or collection, the operand on the right will be appended to that collection. If the right operand is a scalar value, it will be added to the array as-is. If it s already an array (or any type of enumerable collection), it will be appended to the collection. At this point, it s probably a good idea to reiterate how array catenation is done in PowerShell. Because the underlying .NET array objects are of fixed size (as discussed in section 3.3.4), catenation is accomplished by creating a new array of type [object[]] and copying the elements from the operands into this new array. In the process of creating the new array, any type constraint on the original arrays will
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The SAN administrator
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'' get the block name .InitializeUserInput 1 strName = .GetString(True, vbCr & "External reference name: ") If Err Then Exit Sub '' get the block definition Set objBlock = ThisDrawing.Blocks.Item(strName) '' exit if not found If Err Then MsgBox "Unable to get block " & strName Exit Sub End If '' exit if not an xref If Not objBlock.IsXRef Then MsgBox "That is not an external reference" Exit Sub End If '' get the option .InitializeUserInput 1, "Prefix Merge" strOpt = .GetKeyword(vbCr & "Dependent entries [Prefix/Merge]: ") If Err Then Exit Sub '' perform the bind, using option entered objBlock.Bind ("Merge" = strOpt) End With End Sub
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Listing 1-51. The Cast Operator in Action
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-wrap If the shell has to truncate information in a column, it will end that column with ellipses (...) to visually indicate that information was suppressed.
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Listing 6.18 Mangling elements using a Matrix3dProjection
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Figure 6.4 shows an example base class that helps to test data-layer CRUD (create, retrieve, update, and delete ) classes. I ve found this technique useful in many situations, not only as a developer, but also as an architect. As an architect, I was able to supply a list of essential test classes for developers to implement, and to provide guidance on what kinds of tests they d want to write next. It s essential in this situation that the naming of the tests is understandable. But what if you were to inherit real tests from the base class, and not abstract ones
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1. Launch Site Manager, and log on as channel manager. 2. Click the Channels icon to display the channel hierarchy. 3. Expand Deleted Items, and then click Delete to remove the page.
In 9, we ran dvdTracker, a program designed to help you track your DVD collection. The big shortcoming of dvdTracker is its inability to save your carefully entered DVD data. As
you would have had to use a pair of nested AppleScript loops to search through each email element of each person object one at a time a rather more laborious and far slower solution than getting Address Book to do all the hard work for you.
CHAPTER 3: What s Next
When RS loads an assembly, the .NET CLR goes through some decision making to determine what the assembly can do. As a part of this process, the CLR gathers some information about the assembly, which is called evidence. The assembly evidence is then passed to the CLR code access security policy for evaluation. Finally, the assembly is given a set of permissions, as shown in figure B.1. Let s now discuss evidence, code access security, and permissions in more detail.
NOTE: If you just want to play against a friend who is nearby, select Wi-Fi mode for multiplayer games. If you just want to play against new people, try going online for a league race or game.
Having covered a number of important index-analysis techniques, let s move on now to the actual index-maintenance tasks required to keep our databases performing well.
Dynamically creating a Person object using reflection
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