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Listing 3 2. Changes to HelloController.m #import "HelloController.h" @implementation HelloController -(IBAction)sayHello:(id)sender { [destinationTextField setStringValue:@"Hello, World!"]; } @end
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The combination of DISCO, WSDL, and .NET s proxy generation ability gives us a robust framework for the automatic discovery and inspection of Web services and for the creation of client applications which use those services.
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For some other classes, the business key may be more complex, consisting of a combination of properties. For example, candidate business keys for the Bid class are the item ID together with the bid amount, and the item ID together with the date and time of the bid. A good business key for the BillingDetails abstract class is the number together with the type (subclass) of billing details. Notice that it s almost never correct to override Equals() on a subclass and include another property in the comparison. It s tricky to satisfy the requirements that equality be both symmetric and transitive in this case; and, more important, the business key wouldn t correspond to any well-defined candidate natural key in the database (subclass properties may be mapped to a different table). You may have noticed that the Equals() and GetHashCode() methods always access the properties of the other object via the getter properties. This is important, because the object instance passed as other might be a proxy object, not the actual instance that holds the persistent state. This is one point where NHibernate isn t completely transparent, but it s a good practice to use properties instead of direct instance variable access anyway. Finally, take care when you re modifying the value of the business key properties; don t change the value while the domain object is in a set.
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This type of coding may feel a bit weird at first, but anyone reading the tests will thank you for making it clear what s going on.
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<class name="Item" lazy="true">
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value types, 14 variable scoping, 113 114 variable-length parameter lists, 58, 60 variables, outer, 227 verbatim string literal, 282 versioning, 99 C# code assists, 101 example, 99 101 .NET innovations, 99 101 override modifier, 100 virtual functions, 100 virtual functions, 46 48 example, 3 4 and interfaces, design guidelines for, 312 virtual properties, 177 Visual Basic comparison to C/C#, 6, 507 arrays, 509 classes, types, functions and interfaces, 510 code appearance, 507 508 control and program flow, 510 conversions, 508 509 data types and variables, 508 Do loops, 511 For Each loops, 511 On Error, 512 functions, 510 If Then, 510 For loops, 511 missing statements, 512
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The best way of implementing this recommendation is to automate it as part of an infrastructure solution. For example, in the next chapter we ll look at automating a full backup and restore together with DBCC checks in providing a reporting database that s automatically refreshed on a regular basis while also taking care of the recommendation to run backup verification and DBCC checks. As we covered earlier, transaction logs are a crucial component in the ability to recover a database to a point in time, and a broken log chain destroys this ability. Perhaps the best method for automating the restore of transaction logs, and therefore validating the log chain, is through the use of transaction log shipping. Later in this section we ll walk through the process of establishing a log shipping session, which will highlight its various components and advantages. Before we do that, let s examine some of the common log shipping usage scenarios.
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Settings Property ControlBox MaximizeBox MinimizeBox ShowInTaskbar Size StartPosition Value False False False False 300, 340 CenterParent
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SELECT FROM ID, Isbn, Notes, PageCount, Price, PubDate, Publisher, Subject, Summary, Title Book
10.3.4 Transaction log marks
When you make your move, Deep Green sends it, along with game and state information, to the web service on the server. The server records the move under the game. It was an important design goal of mine that the server should not have to know anything about chess except that the players move in turn. But I didn t want to have to code and maintain the chess rules in several places.
That s about all there is to know regarding protocols (save a little syntactic detail when declaring variables that we ll discuss later). We ll spend the bulk of this chapter going through the exercise of adopting the NSCopying protocol for CarParts.
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