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Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card
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File System APIs
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Introduction to XQuery on SQL Server
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Retrieving objects efficiently
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The SQL Server landscape
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CHAPTER 10: Using Your iPhone as a Phone
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If you have several people in your home that use iTunes, and they are all connected together on a home network, then the Home Sharing feature will help you share your content (music, videos and more) across your iTunes computers. Follow these steps to take advantage of the Home Sharing feature. 1. Pick the account to use for the Home Sharing feature: All computers connected to with the Home Sharing feature have to use the same iTunes account and password to log in and be connected. So usually, you will want to pick the account that has the most purchased content or the content you would like to share across all the computers.
Testing Web Parts
These are all configuration-based programs that allow you to create a series of steps that will be run in a hierarchy structure. You can create custom commands to be run, and you can schedule these builds to run automatically.
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CHAPTER 16: Maps
Open a Command Prompt window and type the following STSADM.exe command: STSADM.exe -o addsolution -f c:\wsp\ AjaxBDCWebPart.wsp Open SharePoint Central Administration, and click Operations. Click Solution Management from the Global Configuration section. Click your AjaxBDCWebPart.wsp solution. Choose Deploy. You should now be able to add the web part in any site collection. If you look at the c:\program file\common files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\Config folder, you should see that a custom CAS policy file has been created for you, granting your web part the object model permission.
Navigating the ADC Documentation can be a frustrating and slightly daunting business. There is no single central navigation mechanism; the links from the main Documentation window can take you off to long excursions around very useful articles, but it is hard to get a feel for the overall information architecture of this information system. In practice, you are likely to end up getting to know the documentation search box very well. Suppose you wanted to know about building Document-based applications. If you didn t know that you could get to this from the main documentation window (choose the Getting Started with Xcode link, then Recommended Reading for Xcode Developers, then DocumentBased Applications Overview), it isn t obvious. The search mechanism in the Xcode Documentation works pretty well, though. Back in the main documentation window, start typing document-based. The window immediately changes. Spotlight-style selection buttons appear in the usual location just below the toolbar, and a results list appears in a panel on the left. As you type, the results dynamically refine. By the time you get two characters into the word based, you have a window like Figure 8-4 and can see a number of relevant hits.
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