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will return three values: 10, 11, and 12. While this seems odd in a programming language, it makes perfect sense in a shell (remember, it s named PowerShell for a reason). In fact, this characteristic can greatly simplify our code because we don t need to explicitly accumulate the data when we want to return a collection from a function. The system will take care of that for us. A corollary is that, by default, the return value of a statement is not voided. This means that if we call a method that returns a value we aren t going to use, we have to explicitly discard it, either by casting it to [void] or redirecting output to $null. For example, adding a value to an ArrayList returns a number indicating the number of elements in the collection. See chapter 7 for the full details of the behavior of PowerShell functions. A.4.4 Variables and scoping Unlike most programming languages, PowerShell is dynamically scoped. This means that the variables in the calling function are visible in the called function. Variables
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Cisco VPN Active/Active
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Listing 2.15 The TotalMemory helper method coded as standard static method
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{ self = [super initWithFrame:frame isPreview:isPreview]; if (self) { NSOpenGLPixelFormatAttribute attributes[] = {NSOpenGLPFAAccelerated, NSOpenGLPFADepthSize, 16, NSOpenGLPFAMinimumPolicy, NSOpenGLPFAClosestPolicy, 0}; NSOpenGLPixelFormat *format; format = [[[NSOpenGLPixelFormat alloc] initWithAttributes:attributes] autorelease]; glView = [[TLOpenGLView alloc] initWithFrame:NSZeroRect pixelFormat:format]; if (!glView) { NSLog(@"Couldn't get Open GL View going"); [self autorelease]; return nil; } [self addSubview:glView]; [self startUpOpenGL]; [self setAnimationTimeInterval:1/30.0]; } return self; }
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Types of Web Parts
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Waits and queues: a performance-tuning methodology
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Touch to End Call
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Supplies the data as SQL Server DataSet. Supplies the data as an ADO.NET DataTable to the report engine. Full Export options (see chapter 1). Only exports to Excel or PDF format.
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Braces mark beginning and end of the function body.
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Listing 13.1 Requesting a report
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with an indexer of a fixed type will also work here.
Data is retrieved and displayed on the screen, requiring the first database transaction as data is read. The user has an opportunity to view and then modify the data in his own time. (Of course, no database transaction need here.) The modifications are made persistent, which requires a second database transaction as data is written.
Note the name of this method, validateName:error:. Attribute validation in Core Data works through the use of methods named validate<attribute name>:error:, which are called (if they exist) on each managed object when it s time to save changes to the data store. Within this method, you should check the proposed value and return YES if it s okay. If not, you return NO, and should also create an NSError object describing the error, setting the passed-in NSError** to point at it. Note that when creating the error, you need to specify a string identifying the error name, and an integer specifying just which error it was. In a larger application, it s a good idea to standardize these values in some way. Doing so can help you track down errors that users may report, and can also give you a way to catch some recurring errors and handle them individually (for instance, in the app controller s saveAction: method). We ll talk about this more in 12. At this point, you can compile and run MythBase, and everything will work the same as before, up until you change a MythicalPerson s name to Bob and try to save your changes, at which point you ll be warned that it s an invalid value.
smoothie = "Fage cultured cream"; else if (fridge.lifeway) smoothie = "Lifeway Greek-style kefir"; else smoothie = "Dannon yogurt"; smoothie += ", grass-fed cream and milk, Saigon cinnamon, and wild blueberries." // "Dannon yogurt, grass-fed cream and milk, Saigon cinnamon, and wild blueberries."
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Category computer = ... // Loaded in a previous Session Category laptops = new Category("Laptops"); Category laptopAccessories = new Category("Laptop Accessories"); Category laptopTabletPCs = new Category("Tablet PCs") laptops.AddChildCategory(laptopAccessories); laptops.AddChildCategory(laptopTabletPCs); computer.AddChildCategory(laptops);
will return the number 13, and the function
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