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Figure 4.26 Limiting all items to less space than they require
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Our form is now ready. You can compile and run if you like. Before we talk about this in any detail, we will add some code to make our new ListBox display the photographs in an album. Some of the new code added by the following steps mimics code we provided for our MyPhotos application. This is to be expected, since both interfaces operate on photo album collections.
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Fragments and persons
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CHAPTER 12: Categories
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Controlling external dependencies in your code is the topic that this chapter, and most of this book, will be dealing with. In programming, we use stubs to get around the problem of external dependencies.
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reporting solutions to meet the most demanding reporting requirements in today s enterprise environment. Before we leave the enterprise space, in the next chapter we ll discuss some strategies to address other challenges that large-scale reporting solutions may face.
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Figure 2 23. Open Xcode, select the Navigation-based Application template, and then save a new project file to your desktop.
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- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application { NSLog(@"MapAPRS_MoracoDadAppDelegate:applicationDidFinishLaunching - ENTRY"); // Override point for customization after app launch [window addSubview:[navigationController view]]; [window makeKeyAndVisible]; // preload our applcation defaults NSUserDefaults *upSettings = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults]; NSString *strDefaultCallsign = [upSettings stringForKey:kCallSignKey]; if(strDefaultCallsign == nil) { strDefaultCallsign = strEmptyString; } self.callSign = strDefaultCallsign; //[strDefaultCallsign release]; NSString *strDefaultSitePassword = [upSettings stringForKey:kSitePasswordKey]; if(strDefaultSitePassword == nil) { strDefaultSitePassword = strEmptyString; } self.sitePassword = strDefaultSitePassword; NSString *strDefaultDistanceInMiles = [upSettings stringForKey:kDistanceInMilesKey]; if(strDefaultDistanceInMiles == nil) { strDefaultDistanceInMiles = @"30"; } self.distanceInMiles = strDefaultDistanceInMiles; //[strDefaultSitePassword release]; // INCORRECT DECR [upSettings release]; }
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As you can see in Figure 2 9, I want you to delete the semicolon at the end of the line that you just pasted, which consisted of us declaring an action.
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Iterating the Blocks Collection
Understanding the Core Data Stack
Returns actual counter value
The short name of the application is what s displayed in the right-click Silverlight menu, the installation dialog, and the created shortcuts. The title, when combined with the domain name, is shown in the title bar of the window hosting your application. Typically, you won t edit the settings file directly. Instead, you ll use the Out-ofBrowser Settings dialog from the project properties, as seen in figure 5.8. This dialog is displayed when you click the Out-of-Browser Settings button on the Silverlight tab of the project properties. One of the options is Show Install Menu, which allows you to toggle whether the default right-click install experience is displayed. If you uncheck that option, you must provide another way for users to install your application out of the browser.
Using the Zoom
The first test is simply to check if a specific Game Center class is available. In this case, the Objective-C runtime method NSClassFromString is used to get one of the Game Center classes by name. If this call returns nil, you can be certain that Game Center is unavailable. But it s not quite that simple. Because Game Center was already partially available in beta versions prior to iOS 4.1, you also need to check if the device is running at least iOS 4.1. This is done by comparing the reqSysVer string with the systemVersion string. Once both checks are made, the results are combined using the && (and) operator, so that both must be true for isGameCenterAvailable to become true. The isGameCenterAvailable variable is used to safeguard all calls to Game Center functionality within the GameKitHelper class. This avoids accidentally calling Game Center functionality when it is not available, which would crash the application. Note that this is how Apple recommends to check for Game Center availability. You should not try any other methods for example, determining the type of device your game is running on. While certain devices are excluded from using Game Center, this is already accounted for with the preceding check.
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