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Let s look now at how we can generate our own custom error messages.
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The source table is named tblSource and contains the columns ColID, ColA, ColB, and ColC. For this example, make ColID the primary unique key. Next, we ll create the destination table, as shown in listing 2.
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CHAPTER 26: The Amazing App Store
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Reporting Services Service Pack 1, which will be probably released by the time you read this book, will allow you to pass parameter values in the URL that aren t prompted or displayed in the parameters area of the HTML Viewer. This behavior is different from the read-only parameters (parameters that don t have prompts) that we discussed in chapter 3 because with read-only parameters you cannot pass the parameter value. In addition, SP1 will introduce the rc:Parameters=collapsed HTML Viewer command, in which the parameters area is accessible but initially hidden.
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14.3.2 Automatically using the client stack
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You should not rely on the status message in the Object Explorer tree in SSMS to tell you the status of your database mirror, because it does not auto refresh. If you do not manually refresh the database status in Object Explorer, you will never know the true status of the database mirroring session. This will give you a false sense of security and well-being, because the status might say Principal, Synchronized, even if the true status is something else like Principal, Suspended (unless you manually refresh it). Perhaps a future version of SQL Server will have a feature that would let you configure SSMS to let it automatically refresh this status periodically. In the meantime, you can use Database Mirroring Monitor to configure alerts that can automatically notify you about the status of your database mirror. You can also query sys.databases and check the log_reuse_wait_desc column to see if the description is DATABASE_ MIRRORING (which tells you that mirroring has a problem), as you see below:
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The interactive playback features within Silverlight can be used to give your users an engaging media experience. Sometimes you may want to control who has access to this experience. To enable you to do this, Silverlight has built-in support for a clientaccess technology known as PlayReady for Silverlight. PlayReady for Silverlight, or PlayReady, is a content-access technology that enables you to protect your media assets. These assets may be requested from a Silverlight application through a MediaElement instance. This control s Source property can be used to request protected content from a hosting server. Throughout this section, you ll see an overview of how Silverlight uses PlayReady technology. This overview includes requesting protected content, retrieving PlayReadycomponents, and unlocking protected content.
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CHAPTER 9: Memory Management
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Use the Int32.Parse method. This will throw an exception if the string is not actually an integer.
Figure 3.1 The Silverlight startup process. This flowchart describes the loading process from the load of the HTML page through to the execution of the events on the root visual of a Silverlight application.
Memory Management
CHAPTER 4: GUI Components
Not very exciting, but it does the job. A similar argument could be made for the status bar. In this case, since the status bar is still accurate and provides some useful information related to the displayed album, we will simply leave this control alone. As for a Toolbar control in the parent form, we will create a simple control with five buttons to demonstrate how this is done. Our buttons will correspond to the New, Open, Save, Previous, and Next menu items in our merged menu. The one 544
CHAPTER 1: Introducing Xcode Tools for Mac OS X and the iPhone
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