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Once you have logged into the Skype app, you will want to start communicating with people. To do so, you will have to find them and add then to your Skype contacts list: 1. 2. If you are not already in Skype, tap the Skype icon from your Home screen and log in, if asked. Tap the Contacts soft key at the bottom.
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Boolean operators operate on Boolean values and expressions. Any expression in a Boolean operation must evaluate as a Boolean. These are AppleScript s Boolean operators: not, and, and or. The following are some examples of using Boolean operators. The not operator is a unary operator. It works by changing the operand to its right from true to false or from false to true: not true --> false set slept_well to not had_bad_dreams The and operator will return true if both left and right operands are true. (Note that the parentheses are used to highlight the expressions but are not needed in these cases.) true and true --> true (12 > 6) and (length of "Shaq" is 4) --> true (5 = 5) and ("Yes" is "no") --> false
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The frameRate property (object tag and ASP.NET property name: MaxFrameRate) enables you to determine the maximum number of frames you want to render per second. This built-in throttling mechanism ensures that your Silverlight plug-in doesn t hog the system resources. By default, this property is set to render 60, which is more than most non-media applications need, so feel free to experiment. Ultimately, the frame rate is based on the available system resources. For more on frame rate and the rendering process, see section 6.2. To view the actual frame rate, set the EnableFrameRateCounter plug-in property (enableFrameRateCounter in Figure 3.5 The browser JavaScript) to true. This will show the actual and max frame window displaying the current rates in the browser status bar as seen in figure 3.5. Note that and maximum frame rates in a CPU-intensive application this feature only works in Internet Explorer on Windows.
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If you run Hello World, it prints
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Customizing cell boundaries
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CHAPTER 4: An Introduction to the Code
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Listing 5.5 Example Atom newsfeed with relative URIs
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5.6.1 Checking parameters with string constraints
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Wrapping Arbitrary Values
CHAPTER 17: Surfing the Web with Safari
SupplierServiceWCF 246 System.Collections.Generic.IDictionary 127 System.Collections.Generic.IList 127 System.String 23 System.Web 175 System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts. WebPart 173 SystemSpecificWebService 145
Touch the Clock icon to launch the Clock.
NHibernate will now manage the identifier values internally. You may obtain the iden-
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