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On NUMA systems, the MAXDOP setting shouldn t exceed the number of CPUs available to the NUMA node(s) used by the SQL Server instance. Only the applications, services, and network protocols required should be installed and running. Performance and security improves as a result of disabling items not required. Ensure the Windows Server is configured for Background Services in System Properties. Although paging shouldn t be present in any significant volume on a well-configured SQL Server, consider placing the page file on a separate disk from the operating system and SQL data files. Additional information on the best practices covered in this chapter can be found online at Until SQL Server 2008, one of the challenges with server configuration was maintaining good configuration settings across a large number of servers, particularly in enterprise environments with lots of instances and many DBAs of varying skill levels. Policy-based management, covered in the next chapter, has made this task significantly easier.
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CHAPTER 1: Designing a Simple, Frenzic-Style Puzzle Game
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To run this against a remote computer, just use the -ComputerName parameter with Get-WmiObject cmdlet (see appendix B for examples).
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Figure 6.7 The Web Part Gallery uses the default language settings of the site for the groups and Web Parts added to the site collection.
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If the browser language settings are not set, the Report Server will use the operating system language settings. Windows users can change these settings by accessing the Regional and Language Options Control Panel applet. 5.6.2 Localization techniques So far, we have talked only about how localization affects formatting. What if you need to localize the report content in different languages or perform currency conversion As the AdventureWorks2000 database demonstrates, you can adopt a data-driven approach. Data-driven localization The Product Catalog Localized report demonstrates this technique by displaying the translated product description according the user locale settings. For example, let s open the IE Language Preference dialog (see figure 5.23) and move the French (France) [fr] locale to the top of the browser languages. When we request the report, it localizes the product description, as shown in figure 5.24. Here, we are taking advantage of the fact that AdventureWorks2000 database stores localized product descriptions in the ProductDescription and ProductDescriptionXLocale tables. To retrieve the correct translated product description, we pass the two-letter language code to the @Language query parameter. The two-letter language code is returned by the GetTwoLetterISOLanguageName embedded function, as follows: DESIGNING LOCALIZED REPORTS 179
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The Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll file provides access to the Microsoft. Office.Server.ApplicationRegistry. When you add a reference to this DLL, you ll find it listed as Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Component. Figure 8.1 is a screenshot of the Add Reference dialog box, illustrating the DLL that you need to reference in order to obtain access to the BDC Object Model. Once you ve referenced Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.dll, you ll have access to the following namespaces:
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- (IBAction)buttonPressed:(id)sender;
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to distinguish it from our original code and to match the current section. This new version number is also displayed on the title bar. In chapter 2 we will see how to obtain the application s version number programmatically. For now, changing it by hand will do just fine.
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In recent months, there have been many headlines decrying the loss of thousands and millions of sensitive data records on disks, laptops, and portable media. This is a concern to many users of Windows Mobile and handheld devices. If my phone is lost or stolen, how safe is the data contained within it If I lose network connectivity, what happens to my data In this chapter, we ll discuss how to solve the data issues that arise from carrying a device that must store its data locally and operate independently of any network connectivity. Microsoft has recognized this need and has provided a number of strategies for the mobile developer to use in solving the disconnected data problem: two older techniques and one recent addition are available to the mobile developer. This chapter will focus mainly on the recent release of the Microsoft Sync Framework (MSF) and how it applies to mobile development and synchronization of data between the .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF) and SQL Server. Much information exists on older technologies, such as remote data access (RDA) and merge replication (MR), and is readily available via an internet search. The following books provide excellent coverage of these topics: Rob Tiffany s Windows Mobile Data Synchronization with SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server Compact 3.1, Hood Canal Press, 2007. Andy Wigley, Daniel Moth, and Peter Foot s Mobile Development Handbook, Microsoft Press, 2007. By utilizing SQL Server Compact Edition (SQL CE) as the local data store, we can take advantage of both RDA and MR to maintain the integrity of our data, whether connected or not. With SQL CE, the mobile application can read from the database using typical SQL data access techniques. Subsequently, when and if we are connected, the chosen data management strategy kicks in to synchronize our data with the remote server.
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Custom blog clients are programs like MarsEdit, the blog editor that Carl used in chapter 1, which interact with a blog server via web services interfaces. You ll learn how to write blog clients based on XML -RPC and Atom Protocol in chapters 9 and 10.
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