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Redeeming an iTunes Gift Card
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Figure 10.4 The dropdown list for a ComboBox is hidden until the user clicks on the small down arrow to reduce the amount of space required for the control on the
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private void btnMoveDown_Click(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { ListBox.SelectedIndexCollection indices = lstPhotos.SelectedIndices; int[] newSelects = new int[indices.Count]; // Move the selected items down for (int i = indices.Count - 1; i >= 0; i--) { int index = indices[i]; _album.MoveAfter(index); newSelects[i] = index + 1; } _bAlbumChanged = true; UpdateList();
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Note: The PasswordChar property setting for the TextBox control masks the user s entry with the given character. When this property is set, the Clipboard cut and copy operations are disabled (the paste operation is still permitted).
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Expression-based queries are susceptible to SQL injection attacks. SQL injection happens when some (malicious) SQL code is appended to the legitimate SQL statement contained within the report query. For example, the SQL statement we ve just discussed is vulnerable to a SQL injection attack. A hacker could pass another SQL statement to the OrderID report parameter for example, a data modification statement to change, append, or delete data. As a result, the expression-based statement may look like this:
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Rectangle r = pboxPhoto.ClientRectangle; if (photo == null) { // Something is wrong, just draw the image e.Graphics.DrawImage(image, r); } else { // Paint the image with proper aspect ratio e.Graphics.DrawImage( image, photo.ScaleToFit(r)); } }
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2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Command concepts and terminology Parsing and PowerShell 37 Pipelines and commands 45 Formatting and output 48 Summary 54 27
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Listing 11.9 XAML for BookmarkLibrary class
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You can fine-tune your iPhone so that it does or does not make sounds when certain actions happen, such as an incoming phone call, new mail, or calendar alert. You can also customize what happens when you send mail or type on the keyboard. To adjust sounds, follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. Tap your Settings icon. Tap General. Tap Sounds. You can adjust whether or not you want your iPhone to vibrate in both Silent and Ring modes. Set the switches to On or Off next to Vibrate. To adjust the volume of the ringtone and other alerts, move the slider bar just above Ringtone. To change your phone Ringtone or sound played when you receive a New Text Message tap those items to change them. This is the screen to select a new Ringtone. Tap any ringtone to play it and select it. (You can tell it's selected by the checkmark. Bell Tower is selected in the image.) When you are done, tap the Sounds button in the upper left corner. Use the same steps to change the sound you hear for a New Text Message.
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Waits and queues: a performance-tuning methodology
Consumer Connections n/a Picture Library Slideshow Web Part Shows a slide show of images from a Picture Gallery Assembly Class
Figure 8.28 Use the Execution Log Sample Reports Project to analyze the statistics captured in the execution log.
I see the old VB3/4/5/6 VCR data-binding control in my nightmares from time to time. It s up there with the one about having a physics final today but having skipped the class all semester to spend time MUDding.
CFTypeID CFTypeRef CFStringRef CFGetTypeID(t) CFEqual(t1,t2) CFCopyDescription(t) CFRetain(t) CFRelease(t)
OLAP (online analy cal processing)
Garbage Collection in the .NET Runtime
Note: This call is required to ensure that any Paint event handlers registered with the Form are called. As mentioned in chapter 5, the base keyword refers to the base class of the current object. 4 Paint the current image by setting the Image property of the pbxPhoto control. Update the status bar to hold the appropriate information about the image. Note: The code here is similar to what we used in our menuLoad_Click event handler in chapter 4. 6 When no images are present, clear the screen and display an appropriate status bar message.
using( ISession session = sessionFactory.OpenSession() ) using( session.BeginTransaction() ) { User user = (User) session.Get(typeof(User), uid); user.BillingDetails.Pay(paymentAmount); session.Transaction.Commit(); }
Figure 26 3. Viewing details about an app.
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