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Listing 13.8 shows the code to view the missing index information generated by the above two queries, weighted by potential value.
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environments. To use the managed ADO.NET data provider, you need to add a reference to the System.Data.SqlServerCe.dll assembly and make use of the classes within the System.Data.SqlServerCe namespace. The developer experience is similar to using the standard System.Data.SqlClient namespace for SQL Server 2008. The main difference is that instead of a Sql prefix, the ADO.NET data provider classes use a SqlCe prefix. As well as standard ADO.NET data provider functionality, the SQL Server Compact Edition provider includes a number of extensions that can potentially provide more efficient access to data. These features tend to make up for the lack of views, triggers, and stored procedures. For example, listing 1 demonstrates how the query processor can be bypassed completely to more efficiently implement a select * from customers where cust_name like 'F%' style query.
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// public class for event data public class DivideByZeroArgs { . . . } public delegate void DivideByZeroHandler(object sender, DivideByZeroArgs e); public class Fraction { . . . // Declare the DivideByZero event for this class public event DivideByZeroHandler DivideByZero; // Declare a method to invoke the event public virtual void OnDivideByZero(DivideByZeroArgs e) { if (DivideByZero == null) { // No handlers, so raise exception throw new DivideByZeroException("Divide by zero"); } else DivideByZero(this, e); // call event handlers }
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Figure 8 8. Manually finding a rule by its selector Finding a rule certainly takes some doing. And it s something we re likely to do often. So, maybe we ought to write a helper function to simplify things. Yup, that s what we ll do. Refresh Firefox, clear Firebug, and then declare a function named findRule() that takes two parameters. element will contain the <link> or <style> element, and selector will contain the selector for the rule we want to find. function findRule(element, selector) { } So, an Element node and selector string will go in one end of findRule(), and then a CSSStyleRule object will pop out of the other. Great. Now let s make it happen. First, compensate for Internet Explorer deviating from DOM by renaming sheet and cssRules. To do so, create a couple local variables like so. Then lowercase the string in the selector argument. This will save your bacon in the event you forget to pass in the selector in lowercase to begin with.
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Introducing the Xcode Workspace
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PS C:\> $computername = 'SERVER1' PS C:\> $phrase The computer name is SERVER-R2
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In earlier exercises, you blindly connected to whichever selection I asked you. However, as I mentioned before, here in 5 we re digging a little deeper into the code. So without getting completely buried in compiler details, I just want you to get a taste of some beautiful aspects of the code as it makes selections and connections in Interface Builder. Earlier, we associated the UILabel with a pointer called *label. We also made a pointer called *uiImageView that directed the UIImageView:
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You can view the call to IsValidPrincipalName as a safeguard against the possibility that some malicious code could try to exploit the RS role-based security policy to gain access to the report catalog. Interestingly, the Report Server calls IAuthenticationExtension.IsValidPrincipalName for each user or group assigned to the catalog item. If a match is not found, an exception is raised and the attempt to change the role-based security policy won t succeed. Implementing custom authorization Once authenticated, our custom authorization model needs to verify that the user has adequate rights to perform the attempted action. How involved this gets will depend on your security requirements. In the simplest case, you won t have to change the authorization code included in the Microsoft sample at all. Its authorization implementation checks to see whether the user has permissions to perform the requested action. If you don t need to support assigning users to groups, the sample authorization implementation will most likely suffice for your needs. Similarly to the authentication model, the authorization process starts when the Report Server calls IAuthorizationExtension.SetConfiguration to give your custom authorization extension a chance to configure itself using the setting in the configuration file. In our example, the configuration section includes only the administrator s name. This is needed because you want to bypass the authorization check if the user has admin rights. Depending on the type of attempted action, the Report Server will call different CheckAccess overloads. For example, if a report is requested, the Report Server will call the following overload:
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Listing 23.16 Using an ItemsPresenter to display the Items of an ItemsControl
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LINQ to SQL and the data access layer
<Grid x:Name="myGrid" ShowGridLines="True" Background="LightGray" Width="310" Height="75"> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition /> <ColumnDefinition /> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition /> <RowDefinition /> <RowDefinition /> </Grid.RowDefinitions> <TextBlock Text="Please enter your name and email address." Grid.ColumnSpan="2" /> <TextBlock Text="Name: " Grid.Row="1" /> <TextBlock Text="Email Address: " Grid.Row="2" />
Thanks to its web-oriented stateless architecture, RS is well positioned to meet the high-volume reporting requirements of today s enterprises. This chapter has given you the necessary skills to find out whether your specific reporting infrastructure will meet your capacity needs. Specifically, we discussed the capacity-planning process and learned how to establish performance goals. Next, we showed how you can stress-test the Report Server with the Visual Studio .NET Application Center Test. Finally, we looked at ways to identify performance bottlenecks and increase the Report Server s capacity by scaling up and out. Well, we are at the end of the RS journey! We ve traveled a long and, we hope, enjoyable road to see how Reporting Services can help you author, manage, and integrate reports with your applications. We trust you have found this product to be a well-rounded, comprehensive reporting platform.
Figure 11 7. Entering a string into a field that expects a number
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