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Figure 4.7 shows how the value will appear if you set it through the designer.
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Function Test-This { Param( $computername = (Read-Host "Enter computer name"), $logerrors = $True, $logfile ) }
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11.2 Transaction log shipping
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Security and the private cloud
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In addition, you must add the AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute to your assembly. This allows your application to be executed and calls the .NET Framework s shared managed libraries. If your assembly is marked to allow partially trusted callers, then for security reasons you will not have access to 100 percent of the Framework. This attribute is found in the System.Security namespace and must be applied at the assembly level using AssemblyInfo.vb. Listing 2.5 contains an example of an AssemblyInfo.vb file that has a strong name associated with it and also marks the assembly to allow partially trusted callers.
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For each of the touchesX:withEvent:, the touches set will only contain the changed touches, whereas the UIEvent always contains the complete set of active (or, in the case of ended/cancelled events, recently active) touches. Note also that you don t receive a message specifically telling you an event has ended. Combining these facts, we can detect a UIEvent ending by checking ended/cancelled touches: if the size of the changed touches set is the same as the size of the event s touchesForView set, we know the last fingers are being lifted from the screen. One of the issues that complicates multitouch handling is that the changed touches, the results of touchesForView, and the event s allTouches property are all unordered NSSets. If you need to track the movements of individual fingers, this can Figure 4-4. Once a finger is placed make life awkward, especially since UITouch objects on the scrolling view, it can be moved can t be used as NSDictionary keys and, according across the entire height of the screen to to Apple, should not be retained. A UITouch object s scroll the view, without disturbing the address does remain constant throughout its life, so multiple-choice buttons above it. Apple recommends using these addresses as keys in a CFDictionary (not NSDictionary). It s worth remembering, though, that for many gestures, especially when tracking two fingers, this solution may be way more complex than you need. A good approach is often to simply ignore the ordering of the touches, or the specific UITouch-to-finger mapping and concentrate only on the relationship between the touches. For example, if you re handling a pinch/unpinch gesture, all you really care about is the distance between the two touches, and the order is irrelevant. When measuring rotation, we can use a simple pointer-compare to order the touches so that the rotation doesn t flip by 180 degrees if the provided ordering changes (this is shown in the sample code later in this chapter). It turns out, a multitouch control rarely needs to track an individual touch for its lifetime. There s one final note on event handling before we start looking at specific gestures and detection techniques: if you re looking to modify existing controls, it can be tricky to get those events delivered to your code in the first place. If you subclass an existing view, you may find that you don t receive the events you re expecting, because many of the standard views are actually collections of views. When you create, for example, a UISlider, Cocoa actually creates several UIViews contained as subviews of the slider view.
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CHAPTER 11: Surf the Web with Safari
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You can do this as follows. In the ThisDrawing or any code module, declare a variable to be a new instance of the class module you just created, and in a subroutine set this variable to hold a reference to the Application object. Option Explicit Public objApp As New clsApplicationEvents Public Sub InitializeEvents() Set objApp.objApp = ThisDrawing.Application End Sub As soon as the InitializeEvents subroutine is called, in this case by running the App_StartMacro macro shown next, the application-level events are enabled. Public Sub App_StartMacro() InitializeEvents End Sub The following examples illustrate writing code within the event procedures of the class module to execute when those events occur. The first informs the user when a system variable changes, and the second ensures that the AutoSave interval for a new drawing is always set to 30 minutes. Private Sub objApp_SysVarChanged(ByVal SysvarName As String, _ ByVal newVal As Variant) MsgBox "The System Variable: " & SysvarName & " has changed to " & newVal End Sub Private Sub objApp_NewDrawing() ThisDrawing.SetVariable "SAVETIME", 30 MsgBox "The autosave interval is currently set to 30 mins" End Sub
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19.3 Building a generic transition control
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This is similar to the previous version, but solves the problem of the repeated calculation of the maximum number of pages by doing it before anything else. This makes the whole operation O(n), but it s somewhat dissatisfying, as we have to iterate the list twice. The last solution we d recommend for its higher integration with LINQ is to create a custom query operator. Listing 5.35 shows how to code such an operator, which we ll call MaxElement.
10.1.7 Visual Basic XML axis properties
Owner : string Number : string Created : DateTime
Normally you should avoid the sp_ prefix for your stored procedures. Use it only in development or for testing, and not in your production databases. Also, it may be required to mark your newly created procedure as a system object with an undocumented stored procedure sp_MS_MarkSystemObject. Otherwise your procedure may not work properly with all databases within the SQL Server instance. Remember that the sp_MS_MarkSystemObject system procedure is for internal use only and isn t supported by Microsoft; therefore, never use it against objects in your production databases.
CHAPTER 8: Core Data Relationships
The next screen is the Instance Name screen (figure A.3). If you have not installed SQL Server yet, you can select the Default instance; otherwise you will need to enter an instance name for this installation. Either select the Default instance option and click Next or select Named instance, enter a name, and click Next.
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