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The fields and actions for the Customers (SAP) table
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One final note about batching: After you execute or cancel the batch, you need to clear out the batch header after ExecuteBatch (or CancelBatch); otherwise the proxy will continue to send the header and you will still be operating under a batch. Using the RS Web service is not the only way to programmatically manage the report catalog. RS also offers a Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider that can be used to manage the settings of multiple RS installations.
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Figure 2 14. The color well from the Attributes Inspector used for changing the color of the label
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We ll start by adding a new property to the app delegate. Open QuoteMonger_AppDelegate.h, which you ll see looks just like the default app delegate header that was generated for MythBase. Add a new instance variable called searchPredicate and a matching property declaration. The interface declaration should now look something like this (new lines are in bold):
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ratio of soda to tartar is 1:2. Although tartar is tasteless, soda is bitter, so we want to ensure there s soda left in the dough following the leavening reaction. var dough = { pastryFlour: [1 + 2/3, "cup"], hazelnutFlour: [1/3, "cup"], butter: [3, "tbs"], sugar: [2, "tbs"], seaSalt: [1/4, "tsp"], soda: [1/2, "tsp"], tartar: [1, "tsp"], heavyWhippingCream: [1, "cup"], currants: [1/3, "cup"] }; If you re not familiar with making scones, you combine the ingredients in dough like so: Sift pastryFlour, hazelnutFlour, sugar, and seaSalt. Grate cold butter into flour and work into course meal with pastry blender. Sequentially whisk heavyWhippingCream, orangeJuice, mincedLemonZest, tartar, and soda. Make a well in center of flour, pour in wet ingredients and currants, and quickly blend with rubber spatula to form soft, slightly moist dough. Turn dough onto a well-floured work surface and roll into round 9 inches in diameter (1/2-inch thick). Slice into 8 wedges with sharp, floured knife. Cut away and discard center with 3 inch biscuit cutter. Bake slightly separated wedges on parchment lined sheet for 12 minutes at 425 F. Cool on wire rack for ten minutes.
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9.1 Where do you start adding tests
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SharePoint Filters TextFilter.dwp Yes SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features
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Parsing with an XML parser
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10.1 List boxes 315 10.2 Multiselection list boxes 325 10.3 Combo boxes 333 10.4 Combo box edits 339 10.5 Owner-drawn lists 343 10.6 Recap 352
To add, edit, or delete contacts in your Google or Exchange contacts group: 1. 2. Follow the steps to view your Google or Exchange contacts. To add a contact: Tap the + button in the lower portion of the left column of the Contacts list view. Add contact details as we show you in 13, Contacts. Touch Done in the upper right corner. To edit a contact: Locate the contact in the list and tap the Edit button at the bottom under the contact details. Make any changes and press the Done button. To delete a contact: Locate the contact you want to remove. Tap the Edit button under the contact details. Scroll to the bottom of the details and tap the Delete Contact button.
case 1: m_strColumnName break; case 2: m_strColumnName break; case 3: m_strColumnName break; case 4: m_strColumnName break; case 5: m_strColumnName break; case 6: m_strColumnName break; case 7: m_strColumnName break; default: m_strColumnName break; = kCallSignCol; = kMsgURLCol; = kWxURLCol; = kLatitudeCol; = kLongitudeCol; = kDistanceCol; = kLastReportCol; = kUnknownCol;
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Extending LINQ
DBCC SHOWCONTIG scanning 'test' table... Table: 'test' (69575286); index ID: 1, database ID: 8 TABLE level scan performed. - Pages Scanned................................: 933333
setTransform(AffineTransform) setComposite(Composite)
[self scheduleUpdate]; [self initSpiders]; } return self; }
The persistence lifecycle
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