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You can immediately tell that the only way the SQL Server can evaluate this query is to look through every single email address, be that by scanning the table or by scanning an index on the email column. If the table is large, say, ten million rows, you can expect an execution time of at least a minute. Imagine now that there is a requirement that in most cases the response time for a search should be only a few seconds. How could you solve this Regular indexes do not help, nor do full-text indexes; to be efficient both require that there is no leading wildcard in the search string. There is one way out: you have to build your own index. In this chapter I will look at three ways to do this. The first two methods more or less require SQL 2005 or later, whereas the last method is easily implementable on SQL 2000.
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more general category that ll be covered later in this chapter. First, you ll learn about the most rudimentary shape, the Line.
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Index analysis
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Now go back to the Xcode Workspace and choose Build and Run. Click the button, and you should see something like Figure 12 2.
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Finding single-attribute functional dependencies is done on an attribute-by-attribute basis. I ll start with OrderNo. I now have to either add a row or modify some existing data in my table so that I get a combination of two rows with the same value in the OrderNo column and different values in all other columns. I ll modify some data, resulting in the data in table 2.
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Public Shared Function First(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T)) As T <Extension> _ Public Shared Function First(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T), ByVal predicate As Func(Of T, Boolean)) As T <Extension> _ Public Shared Function FirstOrDefault(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T)) As T <Extension> _ Public Shared Function FirstOrDefault(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T), ByVal predicate As Func(Of T, Boolean)) As T <Extension> _ Public Shared Function Last(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T)) As T <Extension> _ Public Shared Function Last(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T), ByVal predicate As Func(Of T, Boolean)) As T <Extension> _ Public Shared Function LastOrDefault(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T)) As T <Extension> _ Public Shared Function LastOrDefault(Of T)(ByVal source As IEnumerable(Of T), _ ByVal predicate As Func(Of T, Boolean)) As T
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NSString *new = [s stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"Walrus" withString:@"Carpenter" options:NSLiteralSearch range:NSMakeRange(20,10)];
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image into the display area.
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I obviously have to repeat the previous step for all attributes in the table. But I can save myself (and the domain expert) a lot of work if I take already-discovered functional dependencies into account. In this case, because I already know that CustomerName is dependent on OrderNo, I also know that it s impossible for attributes that don't depend on OrderNo to depend on CustomerName. After all, if for instance Product depended on CustomerName, then it would as a result of the OrderNo CustomerName dependency also transitively depend on OrderNo. And because I already established that Product doesn t depend on OrderNo, there s no way that it can depend on OrderNo. For this reason, I can exclude product, quantity, price, and total price from this round of testing. I do still need to test the other columns, though. So I once more change the data from the original example to make sure that I get two rows with the same customer name, but different order number, customer ID, and order total. The result is shown in table 3.
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Type that all as a single command. You only have to do this once in a given shell session, but it doesn t hurt to run the command a second time. This command loads a portion of the .NET Framework, Microsoft.VisualBasic, that PowerShell doesn t automatically load. This portion of the framework contains most of the Visual Basic centric framework elements, including things like graphical input boxes. Here s what the command is doing:
CHAPTER 7: Dragging, Rotating, and Scaling
Scripting Apple Apps
So, you went to the XMethods website and found a service you want to test. Figuring out how to use it takes a little extra work. AppleScript s SOAP support is fairly basic, so you ll have to supply the configuration details yourself. You should find this information in the documentation for the SOAP service you want to use. For example, on the XMethods site, go to the service s main page, and click the Analyze WSDL or View RPC Profile link. This will give you the application URL; the values to use in the main record s method name, SOAPAction, and method namespace url properties; and the names and types of the parameters to use, if any. If the parameters or return values are complex, you ll probably need to look for additional documentation on the SOAP service provider s own website to find out exactly how to use them. The following is an example of a service that uses no parameters but returns a record as a result. I first list the service specifics exactly as they appear on the XMethods website and then the way the same information should be turned into an AppleScript script. The service, called getRandomBushism, simply returns a record with two properties: bushism and context.
CHAPTER 12: Exceptions, Signals, Errors, and Debugging
xmlnamespaces ( 'http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance' as xsi ,'http://schemas.milambda.net/Music' as m ,'http://schemas.milambda.net/Music-Album' as ma ) distinct Discography.Band.query (' data(@ma:bandName) ').value ( '.' ,'nvarchar(450)' ) as [Name] from @xml.nodes (' /ma:discography/ma:album/ma:track/ma:band ') Discography (Band)
This chapter covers
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