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Listin g 13-1. Capturing Standard Out
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Design goals for testability
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CreateDelegate CreateDelegate is a static method of the delegate class. It creates a delegate
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Listing 3-24. Replacing a Whole XML Document Section by Using the ReplaceContent Method
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The status bar The status bar is located at the bottom of the project window. It displays information about the status of Project Builder operations, including the stages and results of a project build, the result of a find operation, and other tasks.
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the form of an MSI-based installation1 named SSCERuntime-ENU-x86.msi or SSCERuntime-ENU-x64.msi for 32-bit and 64-bit systems, respectively. Service Pack 1 or above will be required for true 64-bit support. The MSI installation requires administrative privileges, as it installs a single copy of the database engine in a system-wide location. Having a sole installation of the database engine reduces disk usage when it s used by multiple applications and enables administrators and mechanisms such as Windows Update to easily perform systemwide updates.
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Using the eject Command
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5 and 3 are both greater than 0
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Touch and scroll
You re a seasoned veteran now, so there s no need to describe this in step-by-step detail. So, create a new Cocoa project (make sure the Core Data and Document-based application options are not checked) and call it TemperatureConverter. Create a new Objective-C class (and the corresponding header file) and call it Converter. At this stage, your project workspace looks like Figure 6 3:
String Variant Double
NSFileHandle is the general purpose wrapper for a POSIX file. When used with pipes and sockets, they become stream interfaces. NSFileHandle methods were described in the Files chapter. When used with a pipe file, methods that don t make sense on a serial data particularly -offsetInFile, -seektoFileOffset:, and -seekToEndOfFile should not be used. Unidirectional output pipes should not be sent any -read messages, and unidirectional input pipes will not accept the -writeData: message. As with Java InputStreams, the logical end of file (EOF) condition only exists when the input side of the pipe is closed. Thus, the -[NSFileHandle readDataToEndOfFile] method in Listing 13-1 suspends until the other end of the pipe is closed, even if all of the data in the pipe has already been read. The NSFileHandle methods -readInBackgroundAndNotify, -readToEndOfFileInBackgroundAndNotify, and -waitForDataInBackgroundAndNotify become particularly useful when used with pipes and sockets. These messages create a new thread that waits for data to appear in the pipe, and then posts a notification which your application can observe. -waitForData
Splitting strings with a numbers table
Increasingly, game developers are giving users free trials of their games to see if they like them before they buy. You will find many games have both a Lite version and a Full version in the App Store. Some free games are supported by the inclusion of ads within the game. Other games are free to start, but require in-app purchases for continued play or additional features.
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