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That s a shortcut added to PowerShell to provide syntactic compatibility with the older Cmd.exe shell. In reality, when you run that command, here s what PowerShell does under the hood:
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Before we discuss each of the individual components of the Windows RSS Platform, let s look at how they work together. As you can see in figure 6.3, Windows applications use the Feeds API to access the underlying components of the Windows RSS Platform, the Common Feed List, Download Manager, and Feed Store. The Feeds API stores subscription information in the Common Feed List, it calls on the Download Manager to download newsfeeds and enclosures, and it stores normalized newsfeed data and enclosures in the Feed Store. The Feeds API is the key player, so we ll start with it and then discuss each of the other components in turn. The Feeds API The Feeds API serves as much more than just a newsfeed parser. It manages subscriptions, caches downloaded newsfeeds, stores downloaded enclosures, and gives you access to downloaded newsfeeds via a simple object model. Through the API, you can control the download interval of each newsfeed. You can also monitor events by registering to be notified when the subscription list changes or when a download has completed. The Feeds API does a lot, but Microsoft has
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ElementsBeforeSelf is limited to elements on the same level as the current node. It will not traverse up or down the tree like the Ancestors and Descendants axis methods.
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SaveFileDialog: questions to answer
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sum = 0; for ( i=0; i<100; i++ ) sum += myNumber[ i ]; printf( "The sum of the 100 numbers is %d.", sum );
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This code is cleaner, much safer, and performs better, because a single compiled SQL statement can be reused if only bind parameters change.
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What s Next
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The four Interface Builder windows enable you to construct your program s user interface.
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#include <libkern/OSAtomic.h> #import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h> @interface FastFIFO : NSObject { NSMutableArray *stack; OSSpinLock spinLock; } @end @implementation FastFIFO - (id) init { self = [super init]; if (self != nil) { stack = [NSMutableArray new]; } return self; } - (void)push:(id)object { OSSpinLockLock(&spinLock); [stack addObject:object]; OSSpinLockUnlock(&spinLock); }
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Passing Arguments to Procedures
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How do we test our code A unit test usually comprises three main actions:
Note: Congratulations, you have just created a Form. The using statement will clean up the dialog s resources when we are finished. 9 10 11 Initialize the dialog with the settings from the current Photograph. Display the dialog. If the user clicks OK, modify the Photograph object to use the new settings. Also update the caption text in the status bar as well.
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