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Built-in easing functions (continued) Description Accelerates or decelerates using a formula based around the supplied exponent. Accelerates or decelerates using a formula based on the supplied power. Accelerates or decelerates using a squaring function. Accelerates or decelerates using a power of 4 function. Accelerates or decelerates using a power of 5 function. Accelerates or decelerates using the sine function.
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The Tab element defines the tab that you ll add to the Ribbon; it has a title and description. All elements in the XML must have an Id attribute. Omitting this attribute will result in the Ribbon failing to render properly. The Sequence attribute defines the order of the control. The first element under the Tab element is the Scaling element, which defines how this tab should handle scaling. The Ribbon automatically scales when the browser window is resized. For this tab, you define two sizes. The Scale and MaxSize elements have a Size attribute that determine which layout from the Ribbon templates to use. In this case they both share the same template, so no scaling will occur. Each scaling element must have a GroupId B element that references the group to scale. The Groups element defines the different groups within this tab. Here, only one Group element is used. The Template C attribute specifies the id of the Ribbon template you want to use (you ll define that shortly). Each group has a set of controls defined under the Controls element. The Button control you ll use to refresh all feeds uses the LabelText attribute for the text and a set of image attributes to set the image to be used. The TemplateAlias is used to match the position in the Ribbon template. There are two images: one 16x16 pixels and the other 32x32 pixels. Which image the button will use depends on the scaling. The images are rendered using CSS sprites, so each image has a top and a left value. You can see the image used in this sample in figure 10.6. The Command D attribute is the name of the command to be executed when the user clicks the button. Our next task is to create the template that s referenced by the scaling, group, and controls. The template is placed in the second CommandUIDefiniFigure 10.6 You should use CSS sprites, which use images combined tion element in listing 10.7. Listing 10.9 shows how into one image file, when adding to build the template. You can use several templates images to controls in the Ribbon to for scaling the Ribbon, but because this tab conimprove performance and reduce request load on the server. tains only one button, that won t be necessary.
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CHAPTER 8: Core Data Relationships
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In the following exercise, you will create a script that allows the user to choose a file and will then tell the user the age of the file in weeks, days, hours, and minutes. You will make handsome use of the four constants you looked at earlier (minutes, hours, days, and weeks) and also look at the mod and div operators. The script starts by asking the user to pick a file, and then you extract the date from it, as shown in Figure 5-6.
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Get-Process is putting something into the pipeline. I would run Get-Process | Gm to discover that the objects generated by Get-Process are of the type Process (technically, System.Diagnostics.Process). Looking at the full help for Stop-Service, I see that both -Name and -InputObject are capable of accepting pipeline input by value. Neither -Name nor -InputObject accept values of the type Process, so I would conclude that the preceding command wouldn t work, because Stop-Service
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Listing 5.5 Creation of the controls in the Editor Part
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h. The problem here is with this statement:
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// public method public void Add(Fraction b) { this._den = this._den * b._den; this._num = (this._num * b._den) + (b._num * this._den); } // protected method with ref parameter protected void Invert(ref Fraction a) { Fraction f = new Fraction(a._den, a._num); a = f; } // static method with return type and params parameter public static Fraction AddMultiple(params Fractions[] fracts) { Fraction a = new Fraction(1, 1); foreach (Fraction f in fracts) { a.Add(f); } return a; }
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You can also utilize some of the features of the Active Directory management pack to ensure that the Active Directory environment that has to service the Exchange environment is responding as expected. This can be achieved when you add the Exchange servers into the Active Directory Client Side Monitoring computer group. This allows the Exchange server to test whether Active Directory is available by the following: Pinging (using both Internet Control Message Protocol [ICMP] and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol [LDAP]) Searching Active Directory Confirming that a sufficient number of global catalog servers are available Detecting primary domain controller PDC availability and responsiveness If you are concerned about installing extra components on the Exchange servers, you can add a server that is on the same physical site as the Exchange server, and this server will carry out the checks.
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Unlike the New-Employee function, this time we re requiring the properties object be a hashtable because we re going to use the Keys property to get the list of properties to set on the user object. (This is similar to the Form function that we saw back in chapter 11.) We re also using the Get-Employee function to retrieve the user objects to set. Now let s use this function to set the title and homePhone properties on two of the users in this OU.
Java package; public class Person { public String name; } public class Parent extends Person { public ArrayList<Student> children; } public class Teacher extends Person { public ArrayList periods; public Period homeroom; } public class Student extends Person { public ArrayList<Parent> parents; public ArrayList classes; public Period homeroom; }
The second group of our WSDL document is called concrete descriptions and contains two sections: bindings and services. The bindings section (represented by a <binding> element) specifies how each call to your web service will be sent over the wire. In our example, we will be sending and receiving SOAP documents, so our binding section
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