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This looks good, right Well, not exactly. If you run the program, you ll find that this code mostly works as long as you do nothing else while the Ctrl key is pressed. When you press the right mouse button, the next photo is displayed but the context menu also pops up. In addition, if you use a keyboard accelerator such as Ctrl+O, or you 390 A .NET ASSORTMENT asp printbarcode
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param( [string[]] $ComputerNames = @(), [string[]] $Properties = @() ) $ComputerNames += @($input) if (! $ComputerNames) { $ComputerNames = "." } if ($Properties.Length -eq 0) { Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_SoftwareFeature ` -ComputerName $ComputerNames } else { Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_SoftwareFeature ` -ComputerName $ComputerNames | select-object $properties }
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Now, let s see how this compares to the other possible models. If you recall, the three other models internal IT (assuming existing space and power), colocation, and managed services yielded monthly costs of $861, $1,861, and $8,017, respectively. The costs for the cloud deployment model sit roughly halfway between the internal IT and colocation models. The managed model is clearly in a different realm of cost. Note that this is related to the additional management services provided in these types of offerings.
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class uses the dictionary to store each command-line parameter and, if necessary, its corresponding value. The WGetParameters class initializes its data members through its init method. The init method, like a C++ constructor, is called when the class is instantiated by the runtime system and is typically used for initializing the class s data members. Rather than setting the hash table values within the init method, you send a message to initToDefaults and have it set the values to their defaults. You do this so the program can reuse the method to respond to the user selecting the Reset button, which also sets the model to its default values. In addition to the dictionary, the class contains an NSMutableString data member, which holds the command-line version of the current state of the model. Let s look at the most important class methods:
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foreach (var n in query.ToList()) Console.WriteLine(n);
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You ll then see the new station listed with your other stations. You can build up to 100 stations in Pandora. TIP: You can organize your stations by pressing the By Date or ABC buttons in the bottom left corner of the screen.
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The Activate event is triggered when a drawing window gains focus. When only one drawing is opened in AutoCAD, it will always have focus. When multiple drawings are opened, this event is triggered when switching between drawing windows. The drawing window that loses focus triggers the Deactivate event. Normally, the Deactivate event is triggered just before the Activate event as drawing window focus is switched. Keep in mind that the Deactivate event indicates the drawing has lost focus. Firing off a procedure as a result of this event might not be a good idea, as it may not complete its task until the drawing regains focus (indicated by another Activate event). You can develop programs to work with what is called a zero document state, meaning there are no drawings opened. Consult the Autodesk developer guide for more information on this topic.
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CHAPTER 9: Designing Your Own Data Structures
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if (nvp != null) MessageBox.Show( "Name: " + nvp.Name + ", Value: " + nvp.Value.ToString()); } }
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Intel introduced its CPU hyperthreading technology in 2003. For each physical CPU, hyperthreading exposes a second virtual CPU to the operating system and is therefore able to provide support for multithreaded applications. SQL Server performance with hyperthreading enabled is often unpredictable, with mixed reports of performance increases, decreases, or no change at all. In contrast, today s multicore systems deliver two (or more) real CPU cores per die, and performance improvements are consistent. The ability to pack multiple cores onto a single CPU die delivers two significant advantages: the processing capacity of servers is greatly increased, and perhaps more importantly, the overall server cost is reduced. Today s quad-core chips deliver similar performance to four single-core chips. In the single-core era, supporting eight CPUs required an expensive eight-way server. With today s quad-core chips, a much cheaper two-way server can be used that delivers similar processing performance. Servers suitable for SQL Server deployments are typically ones with support for 2 or 4 dual- or quad-core chips. This delivers between 4 and 16 CPU cores in a relatively cheap two- or four-way server. Such CPU power is usually enough for most database server requirements, with the exception of compute-constrained or very high throughput SQL Server applications.
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The static constructor B loads the pixel shader resource into a static PixelShader typed property. Note the .ps extension: it s loading the compiled resource. The PixelShader is static because only one copy of the compiled code is needed within an application. Each of the dependency properties maps to a register in the shader. One of the properties, of type Brush, is mapped implicitly C. Any additional properties must be mapped directly to registers. In this source, you can see that the ColorFilterProperty maps to constant register zero D in the pixel shader. The PixelShaderConstantCallback takes the register number as a parameter. In the HLSL source, constant register zero is mapped to the variable colorFilter. But how did a Color property become a float4, and what s a float4 anyway Those are built-in vector types in the language. Table 18.4 has the mapping.
package com.manning.blogapps.chapter07.pubcontrol; import org.jdom.Element; import org.jdom.Namespace; import com.sun.syndication.feed.module.Module; import;
Figure 6 25. Save your header file. It s time to move onto the implementation file!
CHAPTER 12: Physics Engines
Figure 2 18. Overwriting the string in villains with the array returned by split()
You might be wondering just what IBAction and IBOutlet are. Are they part of the Objective-C language Nope. They re good old-fashioned C pre-processor macros. If you go into the AppKit.framework and look at the NSNibDeclarations.h header file, you ll see that they re defined like this:
10.5.2 Local versus remote processing
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