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To make our example more realistic, we ll define the new accounts and groups in correspondence with the AWC organizational structure. Back in chapter 5, we created a Corporate Hierarchy report that we can use to get started, as shown in figure 8.6. Our requirements are as follows: Only the members of the Sales Managers and Sales groups can access the AWReporter folder. The members of the Sales Managers group have unrestricted access to AWReporter folder. The members of the Sales group are able to run reports only. The AWC network administrator can manage the AWReporter folder and its resources but cannot view any reports in this folder.
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This code replaces the current type mapping in the service locator with the new LibraryService. In the FeatureDeactivating method, add the following to restore the original service implementation:
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Coercing a record into a list creates a list containing the value of each property from the original record. For example: {model: "Focus", year: "2000", size: 2} as list The result of this is {"Focus", "2000", 2}.
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protected override void OnRemoveComplete (int index, object val) { CurrentPosition = _currentPos; base.OnRemoveComplete(index, val); }
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Listing 3
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Step 1 Assuming that RS is installed locally on your computer, open the Report Manager by navigating to http://localhost/reports in the browser. Navigate to the AWReporter folder and click on the AW Shared DS data source. Step 2 Select the Credentials Stored Securely option and specify the credentials of a database login that has rights to query the AdventureWorks database. Step 3 Open the Performance Console and add the SqlClient:Current # Pooled Connections counter found under the .NET CLR Data performance category for the _global_ domain. Step 4 Open another instance of the browser and request the Sales by Territory report (the encoded report URL should be http://localhost/Reports/
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Interface Methods
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The rendering process
Keeping documentation synchronized with the actual implementation is always a challenge. One way of keeping it up-to-date is to write the documentation as part of the source and then extract it into a separate file. C# supports an XML-based documentation format. It can verify that the XML is well-formed, do some context-based validation, add some information that only a compiler can get consistently correct, and write it out to a separate file. You can divide C# XML support into two sections: compiler support and documentation convention. In the compiler support section, the tags are specially processed by the compiler for verification of contents or symbol lookup. The remaining tags define the .NET documentation convention and are passed through unchanged by the compiler.
Listing 5.2 Example of naming a thread (C#)
For maximum flexibility, our implementation of the generic factory supports loading the adapter assembly from both the application binary folder as well as an arbitrary location. In the first case, we use the AssemblyLoad method, which probes the application domain s base path to find the assembly. To try the second scenario, change the application s configuration file and define the adapter assembly location; for example:
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