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Table 2.8
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This book is primarily about making Mac software (it s right there in the title), but we d be doing you a disservice if we didn t point out the other areas where Cocoa and Cocoa-ish technologies may be applied.
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When an EventHandler is invoked or fired, it s passed at least two arguments: the object that fired the event and any arguments that are specific to that event. The signature of the method that is used to invoke an event handler looks like:
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Adjusting Your Mail Settings
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We re referencing the DateTimePicker from the wf space and giving the control a name so that we can refer to it as needed. In earlier CTP releases of Visual Studio 2008, the designer would show you the control you selected displayed inside the WindowsFormHost, and you could even edit the contained control s properties in the Properties grid. Unfortunately, this capability obviously caused some problems because, in the final release, all you get is a pretty box with the text WindowsFormsHost, which is accurate but not nearly as cool or useful (figure 20.3).
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To address needs such as these, RS supports data-driven subscriptions. In this section, we will implement a data-driven e-mail subscription to meet the following design goals: Create a data store to capture the subscribers data. In real life, the AWC customers will typically use a web-based front end to opt in for subscribed report delivery. The data store could also save the customers subscription preferences. Configure an e-mail data-driven subscription to send the Customer Order History report to all subscribers. As you ll probably recall, we created this report in chapter 11 to show the orders placed by the customer in the past. Allow the report s recipients to customize the report by specifying the export format and e-mail priority. Creating the subscriber data store The AdventureWorks2000 database model supports several types of customers, including individuals, stores, and retail. The individuals profile data is captured in the Individual table. If you look at the definition of this table you will see that among other things it stores the customers names and e-mail addresses, which makes this table suitable for a recipient data store. Unfortunately, the AdventureWorks2000 data is not consistent. Specifically, the orders placed by individuals don t have matching records in the Individual table. To fix this, you need to add customer records into the Individual table with identifiers matching the CustomerID column in the SalesOrderHeader table. To make your life easier, we ve provided a SQL script that you can run to insert a few customer records. The script is called Recipients.sql and it is located in the Database.dbp project. If you want to test the e-mail delivery end to end, make sure to change the customers e-mail addresses to valid e-mail addresses. To simulate an opt-in distribution list, we created a database view, called Recipients, which you can find in the Views.sql script located in the same project. The view simply filters out data in the Individual table to return only the customers whom we ve added using the Recipients.sql script. In real life, instead of a view, you may want to use a stored procedure to implement additional business rules. Figure 14.11 shows what the subscriber data looks like as returned by the view. To implement the view we decided to reuse the CreditCardNumber and EmailPromotion columns from the Individual table to store the report format and e-mail priority data, respectively. We did so to avoid adding columns to the Individual table.
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will leave myInt with a value of 16.
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14.4.1 Reading POX
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Listing 7
Figure 3-27. A UserForm with an Image control
For example, if the logged-on user was in the UDDIPublishers group, they would not have access to coordinate web services and the Coordinate menu item would not be displayed. You must follow several steps to register a web service in UDDI Services. Before you begin this process, we recommend that you collect as much information as possible about the web services that you plan to register. The first step is to publish a service provider. The service provider is a base element of UDDI Services that contains contacts and services. You begin the process of publishing a provider by clicking the Publish menu item on the UDDI Services web interface (http://<serverName>/uddi). This opens the Publish page of UDDI Services. You are presented with three tabs: My UDDI, Providers, and tModels. The My UDDI tab allows you to view the web services, providers, and tModels that you (the currently logged-on user) have published. The Providers tab allows you to manage (add, edit, delete) providers in UDDI Services, and the tModels tab lets you manage tModels for your UDDI Services site. To publish a provider, click the Providers tab, and then click the Add Provider button. This creates a new provider and displays its properties, which you must set manually. Figure 8.19 displays the screen in which you configure your provider. When a provider is created, a Provider Key (GUID) is generated to uniquely identify your provider 206
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