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Users can use the Authoring Connector or author directly from the Web site using MCMS Web Author. Web Author requires Internet Explorer 5.5 or later. To use the Web Author, a client computer must download an ActiveX control containing the product. To activate the Web Author, the Read/Write Site option must have been selected during the MCMS installation.
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The last thing to mention for I/O redirection is that, under the covers, redirection is done using the Out-File cmdlet. If fact,
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You can call this procedure like this:
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Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.WebControls.RSSAggregatorWebPart
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Builder, and partly by setting things up all on our own. Figure 9-1 shows you a view of the completed application.
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The ListView class discussed in chapter 14 can also be used to present a table of information. The Windows Forms namespace provides explicit classes to represent the rows and columns in a list view. As you may recall, each item, or row, in the list is represented by the ListViewItem class instance, and each column by a ListViewSubItem instance and is presented based on a ColumnHeader instance. As illustrated by figure 17.2, the DataGrid class takes a somewhat different approach. The contents of the grid are contained in a single collection, such as an array, a photo album, or a database table. Classes exist to configure the style in which the provided data is displayed, including colors, column ordering, and other properties. We will discuss the details of these style classes later in the chapter.
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Enable Macro Virus Protection
As mentioned, the iPhone 4 comes with two cameras: a 5-megapixel camera for most photography and a VGA camera for self-portraits or for use in FaceTime video calls (see 12: "FaceTime Video Messaging and Skype." ).
Report queries take advantage of the database s ability to perform efficient grouping and aggregation of data. They re more relational in nature; they don t always return entities. For example, instead of retrieving complete Item entities, a report query may only retrieve their names and prices. If this is the only information you need for a report screen, you don t need transactional entities and can save the small overhead of automatic dirty checking and caching in the ISession.
When you make your move, the opponent should know about it. And that s exactly what Deep Green does. Since iPhone OS doesn t allow third-party processes to run in the background, developers are left to using the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) in
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