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The activate command brings a running application to the foreground. This is particularly useful when you need to display dialog boxes, attract the user s attention to a particular application, use graphical user interface (GUI) scripting to manipulate its menu bar, and so on. For example: tell application "iTunes" to activate or for example: activate --make sure user can see the following dialog box display dialog "Enter your name" default answer "" If the application is not already running, AppleScript will start it automatically.
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Design patterns and testability
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- (MKAnnotationView *)deadView:(MKDeadView *)deadView viewForAnnotation:(id <MKAnnotation>)annotation { MKAnnotationView *view = nil; return view;
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15.5.2 Displaying a dialog box with the ChildWindow control Silverlight 3 introduced a new class, ChildWindow, which provides a window-like experience over the base Popup control. Where the Popup control provided only z-order management, the ChildWindow adds window overlays, dialog results, OK/Cancel buttons, and window title functionality.
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LINQ to SQL and the data access layer
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Microsoft has added raster image capabilities and XAML export, although XAML isn t the native format. Expression Design is roughly in a similar market as Adobe Illustrator (at the low end), Photoshop, Inkscape, and CorelDRAW/ PhotoPaint. In addition, the following Expression tools are only vaguely related to WPF:
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Inside the InitializeComponent method, the controls are first created using the new keyword.
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set(int) or(BitSet) set(int,int,true) clear(int) andNot(BitSet) clear() clear(int,int)
Listing 2.4 Property descriptors in the application definition file
// Create the screen box sides by using a polygon assigning each side individually b2PolygonShape screenBoxShape; int density = 0; // Bottom screenBoxShape.SetAsEdge(lowerLeftCorner, lowerRightCorner); containerBody->CreateFixture(&screenBoxShape, density);
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Caution The cardinal rule for all messages is that the parameters supplied in the message must match the
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