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$DebugPreference = "SilentlyContinue" $name = Read-Host "Enter computer name" write-debug "`$name contains $name" if (test-connection $name -quiet) { write-debug "Test-connection was True" get-wmiobject win32_bios -computername $name } else { write-debug "Test-connection was False" }
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Pause / Play Previous Song Lock Screen Orientation Next Song Go to iPod
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Figure 2 2. Creating a new project
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Default values on properties At this point, you haven t added a body to the Web Part so that it displays the configured feed, so let s do that next. The content of the Web Part is generated in the CreateChildControls method, in which you add the code shown in listing 5.2. This code requires you to add a using statement to the System.Linq and System.Xml. Linq namespaces.
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If the $condition parameter to bp is not null, evaluate it. If it evaluates to $true, then execute the breakpoint and enter a nested shell level.
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<TextBox> <Binding Path="Title"> <Binding.ValidationRules> <ExceptionValidationRule/> </Binding.ValidationRules> </Binding> </TextBox>
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The display dialog command allows you to define up to three custom buttons. You do this with the buttons parameter. To specify custom buttons, you supply the buttons parameter with a list of up to three strings, where each string is one button s title. The buttons will be displayed in the dialog box in the same order they appear in the list. The following script will display a dialog box with the buttons Yes, No, and Maybe: display dialog "Click a button:" buttons {"Yes", "No", "Maybe"}
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PS (5) > Set-AuthenticodeSignature test-script.ps1 $cert Directory: C:\Temp SignerCertificate ----------------145F9E3BF835CDA7DC21BD07BDB26B7FCFEA0687 Status -----Valid Path ---test-sc...
private void DisplayPhoto(TreeNode node) { if (node == null) { pictureBoxMain.Visible = false; listViewMain.Visible = true; return; } // Parent of photo node is album node string file = node.Parent.Tag as string; if (_album == null || (_album.FileName != file)) { if (_album != null) _album.Dispose(); _album = OpenTreeAlbum(node.Parent); } if (_album != null) { // Proper PhotoAlbum is now open pictureBoxMain.Tag = _album[node.Index]; pictureBoxMain.Invalidate(); pictureBoxMain.Visible = true; listViewMain.Visible = false; } } private static Pen borderPen = new Pen(SystemColors.WindowFrame);
Output from the execution of this procedure should contain a list of CREATE INDEX statements, one per nonclustered index in the database. Save this output to a script file (for example NCIXScripts.sql) for later use in step 7. Note that each CREATE INDEX statement will include the filegroup name NCIX_FG2. When we run this script later, nonclustered indexes will be re-created within this filegroup, so we ll need to add it to the database (which we do in step 7).
Detection of illegal null values is mainly useful for providing sensible exceptions at development time. It isn t intended for true data validation, which is outside the scope of NHibernate. Some properties don t map to a column. In particular, a derived property takes its value from a SQL expression.
Why Use Inheritance
Result The MyPhotoAlbum assembly appears in Solution Explorer under the References entry for the MyPhotos project.
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