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Use the File menu, or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+N. Make sure you close your existing solution, if any.
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Guid publisherId = new Guid("855cb02e-dc29-473d-9f40-6c3405043fa3"); var query1 = from book in context.fnGetPublishersBooks(publisherId) select new { book.Title, OtherBookCount = context.fnBookCountForPublisher(book.Publisher) - 1 };
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Now that you know all about picking the right character, what about a bunch of characters What if you got a filename into a string, and you know that the client s account number is a sixdigit number starting from the third character OK, so the string is "JB445091_UTFg12.sit". To extract the account number from it, you can write the following statements: set job_file_name to "JB445091_UTFg12.sit" set account_number to text 3 thru 8 of job_file_name You should notice the word thru (which stands for through) isn t spelled out. Say thank you to the AppleScript team for locking the grammar police in the closet that day. As one who uses the word thru in quite a few AppleScript statements, I m grateful. Using the full spelling through is completely legal, however. In the following code, however, you get the characters of a string as a list. Both statements that follow produce the same result, which is a list with all the characters from the string: get every character of "AppleScript" get characters of "AppleScript" Here is the result: {"A", "p", "p", "l", "e", "S", "c", "r", "i", "p", "t"} Once you ve extracted a string containing only the account number information, the only step that s still left to perform is to convert this string to an integer: set account_number to (text 3 thru 8 of job_file_name) as integer The expression in the first set of parentheses produces a string, and as integer at the end coerces that string into an integer. That same result could have been written in two lines for better readability in this manner: text 3 thru 8 of job_file_name set account_number to result as integer In the preceding example you didn t store the result of each line in a variable; you didn t even need to reuse the same variable. The result variable holds the resulting value of every statement by default, and that saves you the trouble of using set. Another point I will discuss later is that the error-free execution of that script depends on the extracted characters being all digits. You ll learn more about that when I talk about numbers in 4.
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Once you have this in place, you can drag some controls onto the Grid for testing purposes. Our new control acts like a regular GroupBox, but also exposes a CheckBox to enable or disable the entire Content of the GroupBox. Have as much fun as you like playing with the busy-box. Figures 13.8, and 13.9 show the application as you click madly between states. Before we lose you to the fun of playing with the new control, we need to cover one last thing. Remember that the entire point of this exercise is to build a control with full template support, so let s see if we can customize the control by changing its template.
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18.1 Designing FileCaster
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if (a < b) min = a; else min = b;
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Concat Cast OfType
Upon opening InfoPath from the Getting Started page, click Design a Form Template. Make sure you check the Enable browser-compatible features only check box, and choose the Web Service template, as shown in figure 11.6.
'change the highlight status of each entity selected For Each objDrawingObject In objSelectionSet objDrawingObject.Highlight True objDrawingObject.Update MsgBox "Notice that the entity is highlighted" objDrawingObject.Highlight False objDrawingObject.Update MsgBox "Notice that the entity is not highlighted" Next objSelectionSet.Delete End Sub
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