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Figure 2 29. Delete this line of default code so that you can insert the desired command.
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Using Compiled Scripts
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Continuing in the web project, it s time to create the service. The first step is to create a folder named Services and into it add a new Silverlight Enabled WCF Service. Figure 19.6 shows the Add New Item dialog with the correct template selected and named.
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You can also combine Validators. For example, if we want to display an error if the URI isn t legal or if an exception is thrown, we can add an additional validation rule.
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System.Collections System.ComponentModel System.Configuration System.Data System.Data.SqlClient System.Data.SqlTypes System.Diagnostics
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Custom thesaurus and stopwords
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Listing 2 Starting SQL Server and supporting services in a command batch
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22.6 Behaviors, triggers, and actions
This is a class method instead of an instance method (indicated by an initial + instead of - ), so everything that happens in here applies to the whole class, no matter how many instances we may create. This is appropriate in many situations where the method doesn t deal with anything specific to an instance (for example, instance variables). We are using a locally-defined static variable to point to an object we create. The initial assignment to nil only occurs the first time the method is called. This is identical to the use of static local variables in standard C functions, and lets us define a chunk of code (everything inside the if clause) that will be executed only the first time this method is called. We are following a principle called lazy loading. Instead of creating the array when the class is initialized, we only create it the first time it s needed. That way, in case no one ever calls this method, the array is never created. At first glance, it may seem like overkill to be following these principles. After all, we re only going to have one instance of this controller class, so why make it a class method And we know we re going to need to initialize that array, so why be lazy about it Of course in our contrived example, we could choose to follow the simpler route. We could just take the NSArray creation code and plop that into our code wherever we need to see the list of motivations! However, in the long run, doing things the simple way often backfires, and ends up not being simple at all. Remember that the systems we build may grow and be extended in the future, in ways we can t always anticipate today. Doing things the right way is a good way to future-proof your code, so that someone looking through the code later on (for example, trying to find where to add to the list of motivations) can figure out what s happening and find the one spot they need to change, instead of doing a manual search and replace to find every spot where an identical array is being created. With our motivations method in place, we ll now be able to harvest from it an index number to identify the tag of the cell we want to select in the GUI. Here s one way to do this, ready to be added to the end of updateDetailViews:
Project Structure
Distribute files podcast style
This is a big, head-space chapter one with lots of concepts and ideas and it s a long chapter, too. We talked about the powerful concept of indirection and showed that you ve already been using indirection in your programs, such as when you deal with variables and files. Then we discussed procedural programming and showed you some of the limitations caused by its functions first, data second view of the world. We introduced object-oriented programming, which uses indirection to tightly associate data with code that operates on it. This permits a data first, functions second style of programming. We talked about messages, which are sent to objects. The objects handle these messages by executing methods, the chunks of code that make the object sing and dance. You also learned that every method call includes a hidden parameter named self, which is the object itself. By using this self parameter, methods find and manipulate the object s data. The implementation for the methods and a template for the object s data are defined by the object s class. You create a new object by sending the new message to the class. Coming up in our next chapter is inheritance, a feature that lets you leverage the behavior of existing objects so you can write less code to do your work. Hey, that sounds great! We ll see you there!
NOTE: You will only see this Hold icon if your FaceTime is disabled (which you do in Settings > Phone > FaceTime set to OFF). As we said above, if you don t have a Hold icon, just tap the Mute icon instead it will accomplish the same result. Tap the Hold icon to put the caller on hold. Tap it again to remove the hold.
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