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<Transaction(TransactionOption.Required), ConstructionEnabled([Default]:= "data source=localhost;initial catalog=ContactMgr; " _ & "User ID=sa;Password=;")> _ Public Class Contact Inherits ServicedComponent Private cnString As String '******************** 'Class Methods Here '******************** Protected Overrides Sub Construct(ByVal constructString As _ String) cnString = constructString End Sub End Class
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int myInts[8]; for (int i = 0; i <= 8; i++) { myInts[i] = i; }
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When enough bytes have been downloaded, create an AVAudioPlayer and start it playing. If enough bytes means I ve buffered enough data, the player should be able to continue playing bytes that were available even as I was simultaneously adding new bytes at the end of the NSMutableData object.
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Compared to unit tests, functional tests are much heavier weight. They rely on the entire software application stack to be running, including database, web server, and web browser. As such, they take considerably longer to run. A typical unit test may take 1 to 2 seconds to run, whereas a functional test may take 1 to 2 minutes. You ve seen how you can make a unit test suite take 1 minute instead of 5 minutes by using multiple CPU cores. You ve also seen how the turnaround time on a CI build for that same unit test suite can be taken from 21 minutes (20 minutes in the queue + 1 minute to build and test) to 1 minute by dynamically scaling up more build agents in the cloud. But you have to take a different approach when the test suite itself takes hours. Spinning up more build agents can keep the CI queue empty, but it doesn t reduce the
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Listin g 14-6. Legacy Exception Handling
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- (void)addObserver:(id)anObserver selector:(SEL)aSelector name:(NSString *)notificationName object:(id)anObject [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] addObserver:self selector:@selector(getData:) name: NSFileHandleReadCompletionNotification object: [[task standardOutput] fileHandleForReading]];
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lizing lots of web services in your applications and want to maximize reuse without compromising security, then you should consider UDDI Services. In this chapter, we explained how to install UDDI Services (which is not installed by default when you set up Windows Server 2003). Then we discussed in detail the UDDI Services Console, which is used to manage UDDI Services sites and servers. We looked at the properties that you can configure for each UDDI Services site and server and talked about which properties should be tweaked in order to maximize efficiency. Next, we published a web service to UDDI Services using the web interface and discussed the features of both the Windows Integrated Security web interface and the public web interface. Finally, we looked at how UDDI Services integrates with Visual Studio .NET to provide web service discovery. In the next chapter, we will dive into securing your applications by looking at realworld security scenarios.
and poor e-mail performance. Issues of this nature should be investigated immediately.
How do you set up database mirroring
As you can see, the way we deal with namespaces in LINQ to XML is straightforward. In our first query, we build our fully expanded name (XName) by appending the element s local name to our XNamespace (slash). In the second query for the titles of the items in the RSS feed, we use just the local name (title) since it doesn t have any namespace associated with it. By combining the namespace and the local name into a single concept, LINQ to XML makes working with XML documents that use namespaces and namespace prefixes much simpler. Everything is wrapped up into a single concept and encapsulated in a single class, XName. That completes our quick tour of the key concepts within LINQ to XML. Throughout the next chapters, you ll see many examples of these key concepts, as well as how they can make your life easier when working with XML. Now let s jump into the class hierarchy itself so that we can see how everything we ve talked about thus far manifests itself in the classes and objects we ll use to build XML applications.
Figure 8.4 The RS role-based security model is additive, and the user is granted the union of the permitted tasks.
The System.Reflection.Emit namespace System.Reflection.Emit is another important namespace in the reflection class library. The classes in this namespace enable IL to be generated and emitted on the fly thereby creating a dynamic assembly at run time. Such features are typically used by compilers, interpreters, script engines, and servers. For example the ASP.NET engine uses this facility to compile and execute code in a Web page when a client requests the page. In the next section, we use the Reflection.Emit classes to build a compiler for a simple programming language.
Figure 6 18. Moving the () operator outside the parentheses works fine, too.
in-memory collections using classic constructs can be difficult. Often you d have to use tedious code with a lot of nested loops and temporary variables. You re
Authentication mode
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