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Figure 2 1. The cocos2d Xcode project templates
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Okay, we realize that looks like a bit of a mess if you re not used to it, and may give some of you flashbacks to the Lisp or Scheme you had to learn in your computer science education and have spent years trying to forget (These feelings are normal, and will subside over time). For the sake of clarity, we re going to unpack this a bit and show you an alternate version of the above, where some intermediate values are assigned to variables.
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Because of the way precedence works, you need an extra set of parentheses to get the ordering right, which makes the whole expression harder to write. In the end, the array subexpression notation is easy to use, but it is a bit difficult to learn and understand. As we discussed in chapter 1, on the whole, we d rather be both easy to use and easy to learn but we ll take easy to use over easy to learn. You only have to learn something once, but you have to use it over and over again. In any case, since we re discussing arrays, this is a great time to move on to the other operations PowerShell provides for dealing with arrays.
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And now for something completely different
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1. Bring up the Windows Task Manager by simultaneously pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del keys on your keyboard. The Task Manager should look something like Figure 3 38.
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grows exponentially with the number of packages. Most businesses will prefer an algorithm that produces a very good distribution in a few seconds over one that might save two or three bins by finding the perfect solution after running for a few days.
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Always use fully expanded names when working with elements and attributes.
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13.3.2 Identifying indexes to add
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In the typical scenario, our objects are created when we first query them. The client defines a query using query syntax or method calls and passes the resulting expression tree to the DataContext. The DataContext parses the expression tree and translates it into a query syntax that the database understands. As we ask for results, the DataContext opens the connection to the database and fetches the rows. The rows returned from the database are translated into a collection of objects. As it evaluates the returned values, it checks them against the versions already in memory by checking the objects identities. If it has a copy of the object, it returns the copy the user has been working with. The resulting objects are then returned to our client to consume.
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Several important terms are used when discussing index usage. An index seek is used when the query optimizer chooses to navigate through the levels of a clustered or nonclustered index B-tree to quickly reach the appropriate leaf level pages. In contrast, an index scan, as the name suggests, scans the leaf level, left to right, one page at a time.
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Listing 16.4 Constructor that takes a word
The ApplicationDataset.aspx page does just this. It uses AWReportViewer to render the Salesperson Summary report, shown in figure 11.17. This report is special because it accepts a DataSource parameter that can be used to pass a serialized copy of an ADO.NET dataset. To report off datasets, the report uses the custom dataset data extension, discussed in detail in chapter 15. Once you have authored a report that uses the custom dataset extension, rendering the report with AWReportViewer is easy, as you would probably agree by looking at the RenderReport method found in the ApplicationDataset.aspx page:
method in the MainForm.cs source file. 2 Modify the logic when the display mode is ScaleToFit or StretchToFit to force a redraw whenever the form resizes.
Notice that the other thread is executing and resume is signaled. The suspend and resume methods are deprecated, meaning they will likely be removed from J# in future releases. Rather than having an external thread control the execution of a thread, it s better to have the thread itself control it using the wait and sleep statements. This removes the possibility that the thread is suspended at a point where it has a resource allocated, such as a synchronized region of code. J# S THREAD CLASS 313
A break statement tells JavaScript to totally abort a loop. But what if you just want to abort an iteration but not the loop Is there anything less draconian than break It turns out there is. continue statements simply terminate an iteration. JavaScript then reevaluates the boolean expression to see whether it takes another roundabout. Typically, continue is used to abort an iteration when a variable contains an undesirable value such as undefined or "". Let s corrupt looseLeafTea by adding "" prior to "Kenilworth" and undefined prior to "Keemun" (by inserting two commas in a row). Then add an else if clause that runs whenever an element in looseLeafTea contains a falsy value. In there we will do two things. First, we will delete the
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As we said in chapter 3, the only two ways to control the report output are externally by using parameters and internally by using expressions. As we mentioned already, currently the RS Report Object Model doesn t support events. Personally, I hope a future release will change this and introduce an eventing mechanism, similar to the one found in Microsoft Access. For example, a BeforeReportStart event could make it possible for developers to write a custom event handler to check some business rules and, if certain conditions are not met, stop the report processing and throw an exception. Or, such an event could make it possible to perform some report preprocessing before the report is rendered. The Report Object Model exposes five collections that are accessible to you as a developer, as listed in table 5.2.
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