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Once I have those configuration objects in the pipeline, I want to enable DHCP on them (you can see that one of my adapters doesn t have DHCP enabled). So I might start looking for a cmdlet named something like Enable-DHCP. Unfortunately, I won t find it, because there s no such thing. There aren t any cmdlets that are capable of dealing directly with WMI objects in batches. My next step would be to see if the object itself has a method that s capable of enabling DHCP. To find out, I ll pipe those configuration objects to Get-Member (or its alias, Gm):
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CHAPTER 5: Stick Around: Building Data-Driven Applications with SQLite
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void CustomSort<TKey>(Func<Book, TKey> selector, Boolean ascending) { IEnumerable<Book> books = SampleData.Books; books = ascending books.OrderBy(selector) : books.OrderByDescending(selector); ObjectDumper.Write(books); }
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(gdb) po [fileError domain] NSCocoaErrorDomain (gdb) p (int)[fileError code] $1 = 260 (gdb) po [fileError localizedDescription] The file tmpfoo does not exist.
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One of AppleScript s features is the ability to run a script on one Mac that controls applications on another Mac. You do this with remote Apple events over Internet Protocol (IP). Beside a couple of extra lines you have to wrap your code with, the scripts themselves are the same as if they were made to run locally.
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The output of the function ended up in an array of elements, even though we never mentioned an array anywhere. This should look familiar by now, because we talked about it extensively in chapter 4 in our discussion of arrays. The PowerShell runtime will spontaneously create a collection when needed. Compare this to the way you d write this function in a traditional language. Let s rewrite this as a new function tradnum. In the traditional approach, you have to initialize a result variable $result to hold the array being produced, add each element to the array, then emit the array.
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Download from Wow! eBook <www.wowebook.com>
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Listing 5.12 Using the Property constraints by using the Property static class
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private Uri FindBaseUri(XmlElement root) { Uri baseUri = null; XmlNodeList links = root.GetElementsByTagName("link"); foreach (XmlNode link in links) { if (!root.Equals(link.ParentNode)) break; string href = link.Attributes["href"].Value; if ( link.Attributes["rel"] == null || link.Attributes["rel"].Value.Equals("alternate")) { href = ResolveUri(null, link, href); baseUri = new Uri(href); break; } } return baseUri; }
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To start the installation of iTunes, you may need to answer another security question. If you see a window like the one shown in Figure 30 49, verify that the software name is iTunesSetup.exe or iTunes64Setup.exe and that the publisher is Apple Inc. Click the Run button.
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Contents of the merged File menu in our MDI application (continued) Menu name Close separator Save Save As separator Exit Position Description 2 3 4 5 6 7 Closes all child windows as well as Same as existing Exit menu in the the MDI container form. ParentForm class. Saves the album in the active MDI child window. Saves the album in the active MDI child window under a new name. Same as existing Save menu in the MainForm class Same as existing Save As menu in the MainForm class. Closes the active MDI child window. Implementation Notes Similar to the Exit menu in the
To remove the child node by tag; cleanup will also stop any running actions:
/* This is material that will be invisible to the compiler. */
The C# enum type is akin to the C++ enum type and is used similarly. Implicit conversions between an enum and its underlying type are more restricted, however.
EXEC sp_configure 'clr enabled', 1 RECONFIGURE
PS (2) > invoke-expression $userInput 4
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