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What is LINQ
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The first thing we need to do is define a parameter for the event object that Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera will pass to slideSprite() whenever a mouseover or mouseout event takes place on our sprites. By convention, this parameter is named e. It doesn t have to be. We could name it brownCow if we wanted. But let s not rock the boat.
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Let s look at a real-world example., whose home page is shown in figure 3.5, is a web site that provides information to developers, including articles relating to .NET technologies. This site has been designed around the caching features of ASP.NET. Notice that items on the page are separated into distinct boxes. These boxes are actually ASP.NET web controls, which allow you to separate your application logic into distinct pieces of functionality (much like traditional ASP server-side include files). However, with web controls, you can apply caching at the web control level (instead of the page level) so that each control is cached separately. This technique is called fragment caching. By looking at the page, you can quickly determine what data should be cached which is anything that will be common in the context of all users. Examples in figure 3.5 include the Menu, Latest ASP.NET Articles, and Top ASP.NET Links. Though all of these items are data driven, their content doesn t change that often, which makes them ideal candidates for caching. The banner at the top of the page, Search, Recommend, Member Login, and Subscribe are indeed web controls but are not good candidates for caching because they can be different for each browser session. For example, if caching were set up on the Search web control, the first time that a user searched the site, the search text would be cached in the control for the specified interval for all users. It is important to identify which 58 qr code reader gnu
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PS C:\> get-spsite | get-spweb | ft Url,Title,IsRootWeb Url --http://server-r2 http://server-r2/my Title ----Nugget Lab My Site IsRootWeb --------True True
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Listing 5.2 Adding margins around text display and buttons
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17.3 Common performance problems
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Using XML to transport relational data
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Now, NHibernate includes all properties in the WHERE clause:
As you can see, a performance report is written to the /tmp directory, which contains a textual representation of the collected statistics. Here s an example of the output generated by the sample program:
Case study: a video poker machine
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downloads/details.aspx FamilyID=6D94E307-67D9-41AC-B2D6-0074D6286FA9&displaylang=en).
Scenario 3: read-ahead reads
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Microsoft.ReportingServices.ReportProcessing.ReportObjectModel.Parameter. Each Parameter object has two publicly accessible readonly properties: Label and Value.
Figure 2-4. The packet structure on the network with a typical compiler
PS (23) > $word = new-object -com word.application
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