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Transactions, concurrency, and caching
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Figure 14-7. Meet Interface Builder
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This is the event handler in your folder action script that is executed when an item or items are added to the folder.
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ISQLQuery instances are created by calling the method ISession.CreateSQLQuery(), passing in a SQL query string. Then you can use the methods of ISQLQuery to provide more details about your query. A SQL query can return scalar values from individual columns, a complete entity (along with its associations and collections), or multiple entities. It also supports all the features of HQL queries, which means you can use parameters, paging, and so on.
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To refer to myNumber as a char pointer, refer to
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Understanding cloud computing classifications
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And then we change our trigger to use it.
Data Type
Effects Listing 18.25 Applying the drop shadow to a background Rectangle
Planet Tool is a command-line Java program that reads a configuration file, downloads newsfeeds, and generates the files needed for an aggregated blog based on those newsfeeds. The source code for Planet Tool is included in the
Figure 2.3 The VS.NET Report Designer tabbed window allows you to switch easily from one mode to another.
Listing A.5 The GetSupplier method
Transactions, concurrency, and caching
BeginSort has the same parameters as Sort, with the addition of the reference to instance of AsyncCallback. This callback is passed to the BeginInvoke method, and is invoked when the delegate that BeginInvoke is invoked on completes execution. Listing 17.3 contains the code where BeginInvoke is called.
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