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main() defines a single variable, an int named i. We ll use i as a counter to step through
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[Test] public void Sum_NoAddCalls_DefaultsToZero() { Calculator calc = new Calculator(); int lastSum = calc.Sum(); Assert.AreEqual(0,lastSum); }
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strncat() returns the pointer dest. Here s an example of strncat() in action: char name[ 20 ]; strncpy( name, "Dave ", 20 ); strncat( name, "Mark", 4 );
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Sets the path to Web service
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Another Example Regarding Treating Items in a List with a Repeat Loop
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Defines shared variable
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Public ReadOnly Property LockAvailable() Get Dim bAvailable As Boolean bAvailable = Monitor.TryEnter(LockingObject) If bAvailable Then Monitor.Exit(LockingObject) Return True End If Return False End Get End Property
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Cumulative Infrastructure Cost ($K)
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If Err.Description Like "*error*" Then .Prompt vbCr & "Input Cancelled" ElseIf Err.Description Like "*keyword*" Then strInput = .GetInput() Select Case strInput Case "Line": ThisDrawing.SendCommand "_Line" & vbCr Case "Arc": ThisDrawing.SendCommand "_Arc" & vbCr Case "Circle": ThisDrawing.SendCommand "_Circle" & vbCr Case Else: .Prompt vbCr & "Null Input entered" End Select Else .Prompt vbCr & "You entered " & intInput End If End With End Sub This example first sets the keywords using InitializeUserInput and then uses an input method to get the user s input. Because the code sets keywords, the input method either returns an integer or throws an exception when the user enters a keyword. If there was an exception and it contains the word error, this code displays a cancel message. Otherwise, if the exception contains the word keyword, the code uses GetInput to retrieve the keyword and takes an appropriate action based on the keyword. If no exception was thrown, this code uses the Integer value the GetInteger method returned. A bug causes GetInput to return the keyword from earlier calls to InitializeUserInput when the user enters null input at a later input method that takes keywords. The following code demonstrates the problem. Choose any option at the first input prompt and then press Enter for the second input. In case the user enters a keyword, the second call to GetInput should return a null but instead it returns the keyword you selected in the previous input. Public Sub TestGetInputBug() On Error Resume Next With ThisDrawing.Utility '' first keyword input .InitializeUserInput 1, "Alpha Beta Ship" .GetInteger vbCr & "Option [Alpha/Beta/Ship]: " MsgBox "You entered: " & .GetInput() '' second keyword input - hit Enter here .InitializeUserInput 0, "Bug May Slip" .GetInteger vbCr & "Hit enter [Bug/May/Slip]: " MsgBox "GetInput still returns: " & .GetInput() End With End Sub ' handle exceptions inline
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By default, LINQ uses a property s Set and Get accessors, but we can override this with the Storage property. For example, if we add the Storage property to the Column attribute for ID as follows, LINQ will use the underlying private field, _ID, instead of the accessors.
Logging into from Safari
Enter your Full Name, Skype Name, Password, and Email, and then decide whether you want to Get News and Offers by setting the switch at the bottom. Tap the Done button to create your account.
Figure 12-1. Creating a new Objective-C project using the Core Foundation Tool template
That should dump out a call stack that s in a human-readable format, allowing you to see where your app crashed. It should turn something like this:
In this case, the target type is a collection, but the element type of the collection matches the pipeline object, so the interpreter will wrap the pipeline object in an array so the binding can succeed.
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