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Table 5.1 Mutually exclusive thread states: N indicates that a thread cannot be in two states at the same time, while a Y indicates it can. State SuspendRequested
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Events in Silverlight are used much like events in any other .NET technology. The sender of the event wants to notify zero or more receivers of something that happened. Silverlight enhances that, though, in that it may want events to work their way up the object tree, from the event source to the root element. Silverlight and WPF introduce the concepts of routed events and event bubbling. These allow events to be generated at one level of the tree, and then provide an
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Creating a Project to Debug
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GC Environment @interface Doll : NSObject { NSColor *hairColor; NSColor *eyeColor; } @property (assign) NSColor *hairColor; @property (assign) NSColor *eyeColor; @end @implementation Doll @synthesize hairColor; - (NSColor*)eyeColor { return eyeColor; } - (void)setEyeColor:(NSColor*)color { eyeColor = color; } @end Non-GC Environment @interface Doll : NSObject { NSColor *hairColor; NSColor *eyeColor; } @property (retain) NSColor *hairColor; @property (retain) NSColor *eyeColor; @end @implementation Doll @synthesize hairColor; - (NSColor*)eyeColor { @synchronized(self) { return [[eyeColor retain] autorelease]; } }
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Figure 2 24. The left side of Xcode s toolbar contains a multi-segmented drop-down menu that lets you specify the Mac OS X version to build for, build configuration, and target architecture.
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Sometimes it may be useful to have two functions that do the same thing but take different parameters. This is especially common for constructors, when there may be several ways to create a new instance. For example: class Point { // create a new point from x and y values public Point(int x, int y) { this.x = x; this.y = y; }
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Filters a Web Part with values from a SQL Server Analysis Server cube. Filters a Web Part based on metadata of the Web Part page. Filters a web part using query string parameters. Filters a Web Part using a list of values. Filters a Web Part using a list of values entered by the page author.
The MyTimer member needs to be initialized and configured. This is best performed in the InitializeComponent method. Along with creating an instance of the timer, we also need to create an instance of the web monitoring class. This class contains all logic relating to retrieving information from a web server.
public static void Main() { Container employees = new Container(); // create and add some employees here employees.SortItems(Employee.SortByName); // employees is now sorted by name } } With this version, rather than Employee.SortByName being a delegate, it s a function that returns a delegate that can sort by name. Initially, this example had the private static delegate members SortByName and SortById, and the property created the static member if it hadn t been used before. This works well if creating the delegate is somewhat costly and the delegate is likely to be used again. In this case, however, it s much easier to create the delegate on the fly and just return it to the user. As soon as the Sort function on Container is done with the delegate, it will be available for collection by the garbage collector.
Performs forecasting
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Reporting Need Reports need to be distributed to various destinations.
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