Figure 12.18 Table 12.2 in visual basic

Assign Data Matrix ECC200 in visual basic Figure 12.18 Table 12.2

Development tools
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Describes how the property changed. If the property is a simple property, like an integer or an object, this value will be NSKeyValueChangeSetting. The other three values describe changes to a collection property. Contains the new property value, or an array of inserted or replaced values. Only included if the NSKeyValueObservingOptionNew option was requested. The previous property value, or an array of removed or replaced values. Only included if the NSKeyValueObservingOptionOld option was requested.
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CHAPTER 8: How iTap Tackles the Challenges of Networking
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Listing 3.8 NHibernate <subclass> mapping Root class, <hibernate-mapping> mapped to table <class name="BillingDetails" table="BILLING_DETAILS" discriminator-value="BD"> <id name="Id" column="BILLING_DETAILS_ID" type="Int64"> <generator class="native"/> Discriminator </id> column <discriminator column="BILLING_DETAILS_TYPE" type="String"/> <property Property name="Name" mappings column="OWNER" type="String"/> ... <subclass CreditCard name="CreditCard" subclass discriminator-value="CC"> <property name="Type" column="CREDIT_CARD_TYPE"/> ... </subclass> ... </class> </hibernate-mapping>
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Figure 12 18. The BigTop user interface
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Starting with the Parents
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Now that we ve created the virtual directory, we ll need to make sure it uses the newly create application pool. Right-click the virtual directory, navigate to the Virtual Directory tab, and ensure that the drop-down selection box for Application Pool has the
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ISessionFactory sessionFactory = new Configuration() .Configure() .BuildSessionFactory();
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In the value type column of the above table, the assignment of v2 = v1 copies the contents of v1 into v2. As a result, changing the value of v1.vData has no effect on the value stored by v2. In the reference column, the assignment of r2 = r1 causes both objects to refer to the same data. Here, changing the value of r1.rData also affects the value seen by r2. Note that all value types in the .NET Framework implicitly inherit from the System.ValueType class. This class overrides the methods
Issues When Opening Email Attachments
the application code for building web pages and processing user input. One major benefit of the layering approach is that you can often make changes to one layer without significant disruption to the other layers, thus making systems less fragile and more maintainable. The practice of layering follows some basic rules:
The base principle of iterative coding is to write T-SQL as if it were just another thirdgeneration programming language, like C#, VB.NET, Cobol, and Pascal. In those languages, the only way to process a set of data (such as a sequentially organized file) is to iterate over the data, reading one record at a time, processing that record, and then moving to the next record until the end of the file has been reached. SQL Server has cursors as a built-in mechanism for this iteration, hence the term cursor-based code as an alternative to the more generic iterative code. Most iterative code encountered in the wild is written for one of two reasons: either because the developer was used to this way of coding and didn t know how (or why!) to write set-based code instead; or because the developer was unable to find a good-performing set-based approach and had to fall back to iterative code to get acceptable performance.
Data management
dynamic data and fragment caching 57 web user controls 62 Dynamic registration 115 E EJB (Enterprise JavaBeans) 97 elements 165 166, 168 171, 174, 176 177 Embedded C++ 15 Embedded VB 15 Enable Anonymous Access 90 91 Enable Compensating Resource Managers 132 Enable Document Footer 86 Enable Idle Shutdown 132 Enable Image Dump On Application Fault 134 enable image dumping 160 EnableCommit 258 EnableSession 180 Enabling Passport authentication 248 encoding 163 166, 171, 173 175, 182 encryption 128-bit 227 algorithms 219 assimetrical 219 coding examples 239, 241 cookie storage and 232 database calls 263 decription and 236 IIS6 security and 89 keys 219, 222 RPC and 229 SOAP messages 174 specifying types of 231 SSL and 219, 221 222, 253, 263 EndInvoke 184 185, 187 Enforce Access Checks For This Application 128, 154 Enterprise 166, 216, 229, 254, 261, 264 265
class CustomMonitor : ISPScopedPerformanceMonitor { static long s_counter = 0; public CustomMonitor() {
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