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In this example we connect to the Pubs database on the local machine using a trusted connection. If your setup is different, you ll need to change this connection string to run this example. Next, we create a new DataSet object, PubsDataSet, to store our query results and we declare a reference to a SqlDataAdapter object which we ll use to execute commands against the underlying database and to fill the DataSet with results. We build a string containing a SQL SELECT statement to count the number of records in the authors table and return the result as cnt. Then, we build a new SqlDataAdapter object passing the SELECT statement and connection string as arguments. We could explicitly create a connection object using the built-in SQLConnection class (see Updating the database directly in this chapter). However, in this example we use the connection string and leave it to ADO.NET to create the connection under the covers. Calling the Fill method on the SqlDataAdapter object makes the connection, executes the query, populates the DataSet by storing the results in a local table called a_count, and then disconnects. In this case the a_count table does not yet exist so ADO.NET creates it for us. Subsequent calls to Fill can append to, or refresh, this table. We repeat the count process for the titles and publishers tables. We store the results of all three queries in a single DataSet object called ds. The structure of a DataSet is simple: it contains a collection of DataTable objects, each of which exposes a collection of DataRow objects. Finally, we retrieve and display the record counts from the results DataSet. We could also use indexing to retrieve the author count:
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CHAPTER 5: Physics, Sprites, and Animation with the cocos2d-iPhone Framework
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when a heavy load is on your server. Note that by enabling this feature you will not eliminate all errors of this type; you ll simply reduce their number. 6.4.5 Object constructor strings The object constructor string is one of the not-so-new features of COM+ that we will discuss. This feature provides you with great benefits when you re storing data for example, you can create database connection strings with your application (external to your compiled components). That way, you won t have to recompile your components when you want to deploy them from development to production. Constructor strings are stored as a property of your component inside the Component Services administration tool. However, before you begin to use them, you must set up your component to support constructor strings. When you inherit the ServicedComponent class, you gain access to various COM+ functions. One of these is object construction, which you establish through an attribute, <ConstructionEnabled>, that you place at the class level of your component. This attribute lets you configure a default constructor string for your component, as shown here:
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Using the sort Command
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Anonymous Authentication Allows anyone to access the requested page or site. The default user account for anonymous access is IUSR_MachineName, which is created locally when IIS is installed on a machine. Basic Authentication Forces the user to provide a username and password to log on to the web page or site. Basic authentication works for both Internet Explorer PLATFORM SECURITY 217
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Getting familiar with LINQ to Objects
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Let s add a new feature to Car so that we can play with some new property syntax. That s gonna be exciting! We ll give the car a name. We ll start out old school and use traditional accessor methods. First is Car.h, with the new goodies in bold:
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When the user clicks the SUBMIT button, the form is submitted and the application responds by displaying a greeting, as shown in figure 8.2. Therefore, this ASP application is really two separate Web pages. The script block just contains a single VBScript function that checks if the form has been filled in by the user. If not, the input form is displayed. Otherwise, the greeting is displayed.
Users familiar with Microsoft SharePoint will find the Report Manager look and feel similar. The UI interface is very intuitive, so we won t spend much time discussing each individual page. Instead, let s focus on a few topics that warrant more explanation. If you need more information about working with the Report Manager, consult the Reporting Services documentation. Using the Report Manager for report delivery The Report Manager can be used as a quick-and-easy report-delivery tool. Organizations that cannot afford or don t need customized reporting applications will appreciate this option. To render a report using the Report Manager, navigate through the folder structure and click the Report link. Behind the scenes, report rendering is accomplished through client-side URL (HTTP-GET) requests to the Report Server. To accomplish all tasks other than report rendering, the Report Manager calls the RS Web service on the server side using XML SOAP requests. We look into both URL and SOAP requests in more detail in chapter 10. Now that we ve covered the basics of the Report Manager portal, let s explore the Site Settings menu. 8.1.2 Managing Report Server settings The Site Settings menu of the Report Manager allows you to manage some important Report Server settings and tasks, including role-based security, shared schedules, execution logging, and report history. The Site Settings page is shown in figure 8.3. The changes that you make on the Site Settings page are saved in the ConfigurationInfo table in the Report Configuration Database. Some of the settings are self-explanatory. For example, the Report Execution timeout setting limits the report-execution time to the specified number of seconds. 263
You can see in Listing 7 4 how this is helpful in the changed update method, which now gives us endless scrolling.
Figure 4.18 To achieve additional levels of grouping with freeform reports, you can nest data regions within other data regions.
Establishes custom dependency property
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